There are so many ways to describe the "loves" of my life. I have an incredible husband, Ryan, whom I have loved more every day we have had together in our marriage. I have a daughter Rylee, who is such a great combination of Ryan and I but truly a reflection of her Dad's sensitive spirit. My son Bailey, is feisty, outgoing and very passionate about life. He dives head first into any situation he is faced with, has no fear it would seem. My son AJ, is a typical third child, wishing most of the time he could do the same things his older siblings do. He is like his brother, no fear and approaches life without hesitation. He is the most stubborn of my three children, and very focused on whatever is occupying his time at the moment. I love my children fiercely, and I would do anything for them. It is hard to imagine a love that goes above all of them. This is the love we are called to in our relationship with Christ. Above everyone and anything in my life, I am called to love the Lord with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. For a lot of people that is hard to comprehend, hard to do. The true test is what would you do if Jesus walked up to you like he did the disciples, and asked you to drop everything and leave all you knew and follow Him? Would you, or could you do it? In my daily time with my Lord I am seeking to know and love Him more, and as I grow in my walk I see how my priorities must shift. My first focus should always be on the Lord, all else comes secondary. How will you shift your focus today?
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