It occurred to me the other day that I don't think I am being real enough in my blog. I like putting my first thoughts into it, what I am experiencing that day and what I am facing in my walk with Christ. I try to include a scripture but I know some days I am not specific enough and I don't always include a reference. I realize some people will wonder why, but I guess it is good enough for me to share what comes to mind. With three kids, a husband, a job, a house and a multitude of things to accomplish in a week I am lucky to get a sane word down on paper or in my blog. The truth is there are days I'd love to scream my head off in frustration, anger at how my life has turned out. It isn't really directed at anyone, it is just to get it out of my system. I claim full responsibility for my part in some really bad decisions that we have made. Oh the times I have thought about how great it would be to go back, re-do, get a do-over for some moments in my life. My greatest regret is that we didn't plan better financially than we have. We are equally to blame for it, Ryan and I. Nobody can blame anything or anyone for the choices made: we make them. Nobody is holding a gun to our heads to do it, we just do it. Temptations are surrounding us, and God knows how we will decide. I can think of moments I wished I had gone with my gut, not given in to the desire for something just for the sake of having it. I am learning as I get older, there is power in abstinence. There is power in saying "NO". There is power in reaching for something healthier to eat and only doing so when I am actually hungry, not out of boredom or because of stress. There is power in being a little bit selfish, doing something wonderful just for yourself. There is power in living life simply, choosing to live within your means. There is power in giving without expecting something in return, and this includes giving of our time not just our assets. There is power in the words, "I love you" and saying them often! There is power in human touch, affection, taking time to embrace someone simply because you are thankful they are alive. There is power in knowing at this very moment I am exactly where God wants me to be, doing exactly what He wants me to be doing. There is power in knowledge, and in knowing God. There is power in silence, in simply listening to God, waiting with expectation. There is power in His Word, it blankets our minds and hearts, protects us, comforts us, heals us, guides us. There is power in a relationship with God, with His Son Jesus. I believe in the power He has, that He has promised us and will continue to provide for us every day of our lives. We must tap into it, and that takes consistency, patience and obedience. Where does your power come from? He is waiting for you to plug in.
It never fails just when my plans for the week seem to be rolling along, a bump occurs in the road. The respiratory crud has attacked two of my children so I am playing nurse-mom today. This does not go over well with work when I have to call in but unfortunately we have no options without family nearby to help out. So, I'll get a few things done around the house that would have been put on hold til tomorrow had I gone in to work today. Good for that, bad for the bank account. That's okay though, God knew ahead of time how today would go and we will continue to trust Him for provision. I was reading today in my quiet time about when Peter, James and John went up to a mountain with Jesus. They were able to see Him in His glorious form, and conversing with Moses and Elijah--wow! I am amazed every time I have read this account and wonder what it must have been like for them to be there, experiencing something so incredible. Yes, they were afraid, and I am sure they must have been absolutely speechless. As I read further I was also amazed to see them still not comprehending Jesus' purpose on this earth. They still could not wrap their brains around the plan for His life, to die and rise again, that He truly was the Son of God. I keep coming back to the reality that our human nature, our limited understanding of all things spiritual keep us from truly comprehending it all. We are striving all our lives to be more like Christ, but we will never reach completeness til we are in the eternal Kingdom with Him and the Father. This is where my faith comes in. We are told in Scripture that faith is believing in something unseen, something we cannot touch, smell, taste, hear or see. We know in our hearts because at some point the Holy Spirit moved us to choose a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and boom!--faith is born. It is what keeps us going daily, knowing we have so much more to live for beyond our days on this earth and we want everyone we know to have that so we share it with them. Our faith goes before us, in how we live, everything we do and say is a reflection of who we truly are deep inside. Who are we if our faith is taken away? Who were you before you found God? I have a unique testimony in that I was raised in the church, the daughter of a pastor, so in my journey I found Christ at a very young age. I had my struggles along the way, but I never lost sight of my foundation. I know God has always been there, that regardless of the fluctuations in my faith walk, He has not moved or changed. Funny how our human nature plays tricks on us and we are convinced God is so far away, has somehow forgotten us or abandoned us. The truth is we are the ones who forget, abandon God. We choose to wallow in our struggles, flop around in the muddy mire of our human existence rather than climbing out of it to plant our feet firmly on the solid ground God has promised us. He never said it would be easy and He has never promised us that life will be a breeze. He does promise that we will not have to endure anything we can't handle, He will provide even through the lives of other Christ followers we know and love, and we will be shaped by experiences to be stronger, wiser and better for the journey ahead. That is faith building right there.
I love reading about the miracles Jesus performed while here on this earth. Today in my quiet time I read as thousands were fed when he blessed what little food they could gather. I also read about the healing of a deaf man, so amazing the process he went through to touch that man's life and restore his hearing. As he walked and talked with the disciples after these many miracles occurred, I am amazed at their lack of understanding and faith in Jesus. Certainly their human nature was a factor, largely their inner denial of the reality of things to come for the Lord. I know daily I struggle to find some sense of what is happening in the world around us. The hurt, the frustration, the anger we all feel when something goes wrong, a tragedy occurs or we are so incredibly disappointed when someone makes a bad choice. What can we do to find restoration of our hope? It is in Jesus. We have sung about it, read about it, now let's live it! What a testimony for others who may be struggling to stand on our faith through the worst of times and see how God can work miracles. Miracles don't have to be tangible, they can be an incredible change of the heart or the release of a great burden someone has carried for so long. My hope is in You, Lord, and I will not lose sight of that in my heart and my mind.
Another Monday, everything starts over again. Nothing gets your day going like kids dragging out of bed, running late from the get go, frantically getting what I can get done before heading to work and a few unexpected things thrown in the mix. I am a ball of stress right now cause some things in my life I feel are still unsettled. For about three years now I have been going through some form of mid life crisis. I love being a wife and mother more than anything, but some of our choices and life's unexpected curves have made that more challenging for me. I am at a point in my life that I must do something more to help us get back on our feet financially. Last year was a year of huge challenge for Ryan and I and so this year not only brings with it new starts, but the even greater challenge of climbing out of the previous year's challenges. We are faced with replacing an engine in one vehicle, then there is the job situation for me, repairing our credit/debt situation which may or may not include filing for bankruptcy, living in a rental that may at any moment sell which will require us to find other housing....shall I go on? I wonder sometimes how I don't wind up driving myself into a major depression thinking about it all because it seems so impossible. There are days when I have those moments, I see myself standing on the edge of a cliff and the pull to fall is so strong. What saves me? God. Life is unpredictable and unfair all the time, so I must choose to reach for Him, trust Him, know He will not fail me even when I feel myself failing to cope with it all. Somehow I find comfort there, bury my head in his arms and just let go of it all knowing He will take care of it. I am thankful for the ways He has provided for us already, and my greatest challenge is to daily focus on what we have to be thankful for and not how we are going to accomplish this goal or that goal over the course of the months that lie ahead. Whether we are in a good or bad place in our lives, we should have this focus at all times. I am finding through this time that it keeps me more grounded in my faith than I have ever been. He provides such wisdom for us if we will accept it through His word. Proverbs is full of words regarding wisdom and how much more we benefit from it than things that are foolish and fleeting. God's got all the answers, and I don't need to know them all. What a relief.
Mid afternoon is typically my favorite time of day because AJ is down for his nap, I can have a cup of tea and have some time to do what I would like whether it be reading, blogging, or catching a favorite show on A&E or Food Network. I am thankful for this time because it keeps me sane, keeps me balanced. In my quiet time this morning I read the familiar passage about the woman with the bleeding disorder who was healed by touching Jesus' robes. This has always been one of my favorite passages because of her faith, just to touch his robe and know she would be healed! She was fearful to reveal herself to him, but she knew who He was and what healing He could provide. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to look into his face and hear his words, "Your faith has healed you". Do you have faith like that? The Bible tells us we only need faith the size of a mustard seed, and mountains will be moved! In my lifetime I can already recall moments when I heard about or literally witnessed a "mountain" being moved in someone's life. It is amazing, and it is a jolt to our own faith. I can think right now of two precious women in my life who need a mountain moved. I pray for them constantly and I know God will provide for them if they truly believe Him and His promises for their lives. Prayer is a powerful way to show others our faith, our belief in God. There are so many layers to our faith, and at the core is the knowledge of Christ and His power. I hope I will daily find a way to be an example of faith to someone. I know the woman Christ healed was an example to so many, and hopefully the lives she effected were equally effective in influencing someone else's faith. We are all connected, we all have something truly remarkable to live for.
Leviticus 11:45 I, the Lord, am the one who brought you up from the land of Egypt to be your God. You must therefore be holy because I am holy.

I have to admit having read through the Bible before, I am once again struggling to read portions of the Old Testament. It is difficult and tedious, very detailed. God was very specific about the set up of the Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, the offerings, the way the priests were to dress and carry out their duties in the tabernacle. The procedure for carrying out each type of offering is at times disgusting to read, but also very specific down to what parts of the animals are to be removed, burned and/or consumed. God gives specific instructions as to what is to be consumed and whether or not it is appropriate for His people. It is a lot of information for my mind to absorb, and hard to imagine what it was like to have to do it all. Thank goodness for Jesus or we would still be doing all of that today. I know there is meaning to the rituals and traditions of that time, and I respect it but, I am thankful I do not have to go through all of that to be close to God and to please Him. He called His people out, He required much of them and after a time Christ came. What a gift, what a sacrifice, what an amazing gift for us so that we don't have to go through a priest or ceremony of some kind to be close to God. I am thankful for the time and the ceremony of my own making that is God's each day. We all can make our quiet time a personal ceremony for God each day. Have you made time for Him today? Have you read His word? Have you talked with Him? Take time to tell Him how much you love Him, need Him, cannot imagine life without Him. He has given us so much, we have so much to be thankful for. I cannot imagine what kind of person I would be without Him. I have tried, and it is quite painful to even think of what path my life could have taken without a relationship with Christ. Whether you realize it or not, we are chosen, set apart, a holy nation that God wants to use to further His kingdom. There is no greater reason for Him to wait for Jesus' second return. There are so many people who need Him and deserve the chance to know Him. I hope I can be more of His light to someone today. What a difference a day can make in someone's life with a smile, kind word, selfless gesture. We can always do more, we can always do something of worth.
Psalm 37:16 It is better to be godly and have little than to be evil and possess much.

What is your definition of wealth? Happiness? Contentment? No matter the circumstances I have endured in my life this far, I have always counted myself wealthy in terms of the blessings God has given me. From as early as I can remember, I was never really interested in making a lot of money, having a huge house or fancy cars, being able to spend money on anything and everything I wanted. Material possessions never mattered much to me. I was raised to value hard work, taking care of myself in a way that is both pleasing and honorable to Christ, and always being mindful of how much I have to be thankful for. My parents instilled those values in me and it has carried to my children as I pass it along to them. I think the day we begin to get excited and gradually turn our values toward what we have accomplished or gained in this life is the day we have lost focus on what truly matters. There is nothing wrong with being successful as long as it does not encompass and define your life. It is all in your mindset, your focus on what is of greatest importance. My grandmother has been a wonderful woman of wisdom for me. Her greatest advice to us was to always value our relationship with Christ; everything else is secondary. No matter our victories or failures, we can stand tall knowing we have done our best and endured for the sake of Christ. There is nothing I can do in this life to deserve what He did for me, nothing I can do to earn His love. It is given freely, sacrificially because He loves me. How can a day go wrong with that in mind! Yes, it can and it does but we must not allow Satan to have the victory over our day; we must push through it by our love for Christ and the Word of God, standing on His promises and declaring He will always have the victory. I am having a tough day today, and this is helping me climb out of my funk slowly. It is amazing how tough circumstances can throw off our mood, our outlook on the day. I have to choose to mentally and verbally declare victory over it and embrace God's truth for me. It is a good day to be the Lord's. I am so thankful He chose me, and I chose Him!
Psalm 36:5-7 Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the ocean depths. You care for people and animals alike, O Lord. How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings.

I find it so amazing how simple but powerful God's love is for us. We make our troubles and circumstances seem so big and overwhelming, that it would seem God is not big enough to handle it. Here's truth: My struggles are big, but my God is bigger! I think sometimes in our lives when something terrible occurs, our mind somehow tricks us into thinking God must put us on hold because He has something bigger to deal with than what we are going through. Just because it is so difficult for us to deal with does not mean it is that way for God. I think in some way we make God less of who He is by doing that and somehow we think we can "humanize" him. How easy it is for us to forget He never leaves His throne, and He does not change. Our faith may fluctuate, increase and decrease with our ongoing circumstances both bad and good, but He is still God. Why is is that when we feel far away from God, we think He is the one who has moved? The reality is we are the ones who have moved, He is still where He has always promised to be. This Psalm I read today is a wonderful reminder of how great the Father's love is for us. At some point in our struggle we have to snap out of it by coming back to scriptures like this--His love covers it all! Earlier in this chapter it says sin comes to us in a whisper, and somehow even in a whisper it shakes us, tempts us, knocks us off of our feet. I think our greatest weapon can be the knowledge of the Father's love. He promises to protect us, to guide us, to strengthen us and to provide for us abundantly. We must choose to humble ourselves and be obedient, living a life that is a reflection of Him. We cannot do this by reading a few scripture verses, saying a sweet little prayer and going about our merry way til sometime the next week. It must come with consistent, daily absorption and meditation because after all He longs for us to spend time with Him! I am reading through the Bible this year as one of my new year's resolutions and it has made a huge difference in my walk with Christ. I am finding that I have fallen in love with His word more than ever before in my life. His word taken in daily has deepened the love I have for Him, growing my walk with Him and hopefully reflecting His love that much more to those around me. Dive into His word today and see what happens in your life. I guarantee you will be changed, you will be a better person because of it.
Today after my workout, I was thinking about some of the yummy stuff I enjoyed for Valentine's Day. Okay, let's be realistic--how do you get through Valentine's without something sweet to eat? It is not possible. I make sugar cookies and we decorate them every year, get the kids into it and it has become a family fun tradition. So of course, I indulged. I am finding as I get older, sugar is harder to resist and can even be addicitive. I have read more than one book that describes the way our bodies process sugars, and it is very interesting how our body is triggered into craving it. Today I am grouchy and want to eat something sweet and I know it is because of the sweet I enjoyed yesterday. I have quit carbonated drinks too, so I am sure my body is going to experience some form of withdrawal while I get on track from this point forward. On the other hand, I am thankful I am not in a situation where I have become morbidly obese and the work ahead of me would be so much more difficult. I don't think any of us can imagine being at that point, but I think in some areas of our lives we are. How have you allowed yourself to become addicted, obese on the "sweets" this world has to offer us? Part of taking care of this temple, this vessel God can use is to choose to be healthier. I hope in a couple months to hear people around me reacting to the changes I am making. That is an affirmation, encouraging for the road ahead. I have done it before, so I know I can do it again.
Throughout the Bible there is a common theme I read over and over again. When we love the Lord and obey Him, we will be blessed abundantly. It seems like such a simple thing, but we tend to complicate it. Whether it is our worldly priorities or "spiritual" priorities, we are the ones who complicate it. Once again, our humanity gets in the way of God's true purpose for our lives. Live life fully, holy and pure, set apart, a vessel to be used for His purposes. We complicate it by developing unhealthy habits, addicitions, excuses of every kind. At some point our guilt and deep conviction snap us abruptly back to reality. As the Lent season has begun, I am considering deeply what I need to release from my life to be more pure, more of a clean and empty vessel truly ready for His purpose. My greatest struggle has always been with control. I like being in control, feeling like I know exactly what is going on, what to expect, plan everything out to the last detail and if it doesn't go the way I need it to, the effects can be disastrous. In addition to that, I deal with stress by eating. I don't binge, but I definitely reach for something sweet and chocolatey. As I am approaching 40 (yes, I know I have four years left but still!) and I examine closely my family's health history, I have for several years been working on getting myself into a healthier place. I have tried every diet you can imagine, read every book there is, and some of worked while others have not. I have a wonderful new friend who has become an accountability partner for me and this week we are starting a new journey into being healthier. So, my goals are to be more active, reach for healthier choices when I do need to eat and healthier outlets for my stress when I don't need to eat. I know I am not alone in this struggle so I hope others will join me in this effort. When we love the Lord and we are obedient, He will bless us abundantly. I know my physical well being as well as my spiritual well being are equally covered by that promise. So, the journey begins! I am going to start keeping track of my weight on my blog so this will truly be an exposure for me to a lot of people in my life. Here goes nothing--or everything, depending on how you look at it!

The journey begins:
Day 1--weight: 205
As of 11:11 am I have not had any sweets or sinful treats today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to report the same. My goal is to watch my calorie count, intake of fiber/carbs/fat/sugar and no eating after 8 pm. Also, I am cutting all carbonated drinks out of my diet and artificial sweeteners.
So much to do today, so little time to blog. I read in my quiet time this morning the familiar passages leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. I am horrified every time I have read these passages as to how the Lord was treated by the very people He came to save. He had so much to teach them, really remind them of from Scriptures He literally, physically was fulfilling. Even the wisest, most knowledgeable teachers and priests refused to believe He was the Son of God. Was it too easy? Yes, I think they expected Him to come down in a huge show of ceremonial glory, robed in some fancy robes and a glittering crown upon His head. I think they were surprised because He came in such a natural, down to earth manner that everyone could relate to. Why? I don't know all the answers, but to me it seems our expectations of how something should be get in the way of simply being open to anything happening. We set ourselves up to be disappointed when we impose our own ideas upon something that is truly God inspired, not within our control. Our humanity can truly be cruel and unrealistic. I think we do this daily. We have such expectations about how our day will go, how our lives will play out within our careers, marriages, families and every relationship within our immediate social circles. How different our outlook on life would be if we would start our day more open minded, choosing to turn it all over to God and say, "I know You are in control and You know what is best for me!" It is not so easy; our pride and our own selfish ambition get in the way of what God truly intends for us. He has a purpose for every moment, and He had a purpose for every moment of His Son's life on the earth. I am reminded each day to be in awe, so grateful for what God has given me because I do not deserve any of it. This is the mindset that can truly shape us, and I don't want to get caught up in something superficial only to be jolted painfully back to the reality that I am not in control--it is all His! What are you thinking upon today? How will you choose to set your mind on something more lasting, more abundant? He has it for us, but we must surrender and recognize He is always on His throne. That is some inspiration to think on.
I was thinking today I would love so much to get away, go on vacation to a place warm and relaxing. It is terribly cold, and we are getting a bit more snow. I have always loved the changing seasons, but winter can be particularly hard on me. I am like many people who suffer from some form of seasonal depression. Too many days without sunshine and my energy level and mood tend to take a dive. Thankfully I can find peace and revival in my quiet time each day. Today I read in the Old Testament about the offerings, the detailed preparation that went into each ceremony. God gave such specific instruction, what would please Him in what was given to Him. It was enough to leave my head spinning. I am so thankful we are not required to do all of that; Jesus' life has covered us and a commitment to Him brings us to eternal life. I am in awe every day because He has chosen me. He knew me before I was even a thought in my mother's mind. He knew me before time began. He knew when I would come to know Him and choose to embrace Him as my Lord. I cannot imagine my life without a walk with Christ. So because of that commitment, I actually do have a place to "vacation" daily and find the relaxation I need for my heart, mind and soul. Okay, yes--I still want to go to a nice tropical place for a vacation but there is great joy to be found daily with the Lord when I make time for Him.
I read in my quiet time today a familiar passage about the woman who brought a jar of precious perfume to pour over Jesus' head. As he was present for a supper in the home of a leprous man named Simon, she enters and pours the bottle of perfume on Christ's head, annointing him with it. Jesus knew her intentions and did not stop her or berate her, yet the disciples questioned her and then Christ. He pointed out that she was doing so as if to prepare him for his burial, knowing His time was about to come. She had no shame, no hesitation and what an act of love she performed for the Lord. What will we give to Him as a sign of our obedience, our love for His precious gift of eternal life? Every year at the time of Passover I sacrifice something in my life, give up something I really enjoy to pause for true reflection upon what Christ did for me on the cross. For you it may be time to truly break a habit, an addiction you have carried for a long time or it may be a luxury that you have come to realize is just that, a luxury and something you really don't need. Where is our focus? To extend that challenge, how long are you willing to give it up? There are some things I admit I gave up for a time but then went right back to them. This is a challenge for myself as well, so I hope you will join me in breaking free from something in your life as a tangible sign you are truly committed to Christ. We are to be like Him and not like the world, set apart for a purpose, serving the least of these as if we were serving the Lord. What will you do today for Christ?
I wonder sometimes if a person can fully appreciate, completely realize how blessed they are. We are all likely to face something tough in our lives, but how we endure those hard times shapes us into a better person. How we deal with those trials speaks truly of our faith, endurance, integrity and character. I have had some moments in my life that did not speak well of me. Some of it was due to a desire to rebel, my spirit was tired of the pressure, the expectations placed upon me. Other times, I think I handled better, and some of the people who witnessed my ability to endure hardship or a difficult situation were able to tell me how it effected them. I was given the opportunity to hear what impression I made on their lives which was a direct result of how my behavior spoke for me. In my quiet time today I read how much God desires for us to be wise and faithful with what we have been given. We have a choice, to hide it and selfishly keep it to ourselves or we can be selfless and invest it, build upon it and make wise decisions with it. Our wisdom will bring us abundance as He has promised in His word. It is not in our nature to be giving, but rather to be selfish. Why not choose to be selfless, do something not true to our nature and give out of our own blessing. It is what sets us apart from everyone else. It speaks volumes to the kind of person we need to be.
How early does your day begin? A typical day for me starts with the alarm going off between 6:30 and 6:45. Today was no ordinary day. I had to work early, so my alarm went off at 5 am and my work day started at 6 am. After eight hours at work, I made a stop on the way home, then arrived home to find a bit of time to unwind before starting dinner and getting in my workout. I also made time for God, had my quiet time and thanked Him for his promises in His word to me today. No matter how my day goes, I can always count on God's word meeting my needs. There are things I enjoy doing in my life to find relaxation, balance and rejuvenation but first and foremost is my time with God. Some of my favorite things include reading a great book, enjoying a hot cup of tea and listening to a favorite cd. All those things are enjoyable, but nothing compares to time with my Lord.
I admit I am an impatient person. It doesn't show, in fact, most people say I come across as a very patient person. That's God--He provides that for me cause without Him I am certain I would be a very grouchy, short tempered person that most people would not enjoy being around. Yesterday in my quiet time I read about God's desire for us to love Him and love others, and today I read about how much He desires for us to be obedient and to honor Him in all we do. He laid out the rules for His people, requiring us to honor Him in everything we do and say. It must have been awesome and frightening to hear the voice of God and experience the things they did as He spoke. I wonder what the voice of God sounds like? For me, it has never been an audible voice, I would say it is more of a whisper in my spirit and movement within my heart in the form of deep conviction. I think it is different for every person. Yesterday was a hard day for me. I felt I was in a terrible battle, and Satan was trying his best to win my attitude, my outlook on life, my mood. I felt I was under attack, and the reality of it is we are under attack more often than we realize. There are times it truly catches me off guard though. On the way home from work last night I just prayed in the silence for comfort and healing. I told God how much I loved Him, and I told Satan to leave me alone. It is really frustrating and upsetting when I realize how much Satan can take from me--but I also realize I can call him out and tell him to scram! The truth is I am a child of God, He is my Lord and my Savior and nothing can change that. It is both empowering and comforting to know we have such a powerful and merciful God. I am armed with the Word and with my salvation to face any obstacle I encounter in my day. God is good, and His promises are true.
I read in my quiet time this morning in Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus' words to the Pharisees: Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.
Are we honoring those commandments in our lives everyday? How many times do we find ourselves in the line at the grocery store, waiting in a doctor's office, or stuck in traffic demonstrating these things? Most of us would answer not often. It is all too easy to get caught up in our own agendas, stuck in a bad mood cause things aren't going as we'd hoped that day and the grouch in us comes out. What would Jesus think of us then? Although it may take some effort on our part and not doing what comes naturally for our human nature, we most likely will feel some sense of relief to know we behaved in a manner that would please the Lord rather than disappoint him. I know it is something I need to work on, a choice I must work harder to make each day. We need to expect the unexpected each day. You never know when a situation may arise that is meant to stretch our ability to be a better person than we could be. I am a work in progress and I know each day God will mold me into more of the person He wants me to be if I choose to be His rather than the world's.
There is nothing like waking up to the earth covered in a blanket of snow. It makes me feel cozy, and it is nice to have a little more time to sleep in. The kids were thrilled that there is no school today. I wonder what the Israelites would have thought if they woke to snow one day? I am sure they would have been very surprised, wondering what on earth was going on. Not that much different from how they felt when Moses began leading them through the wilderness as God had told him. They actually told him they'd rather go back to Egypt and live as slaves than go any further into the unknown territory that lay before them. It is scary not knowing what lies ahead. To be in unfamiliar territory rather than our idea of comfort is enough to give us all second thoughts. But what about faith? That was Moses' question to the people, what about the God who had already performed such incredible miracles? The majority of us would admit we will believe more confidently in something when it is tangible. In Exodus 14:13 Moses says to the people of Israel: "Do not fear! Stand where you are and watch what God will do for you!"
Okay, that is my own paraphrase of it, but you get the idea. Stand firm, watch what God will do! He has not done it yet, but just believe and stand firmly on the promise that He will provide for you! No matter the uncertainty, no matter where or to what you are called, God has a plan. What is He telling you today and what will you do about it?

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