Spring is here!

The tease of a warm Spring day here and there, that's all I need to give me that feeling of renewal. You can feel it, smell it, sense that new sense of expectancy, that something new and amazing is yet to come. I'm an optimist so I have always looked at life with the belief that something even better is right around the corner. I don't dwell on the negatives, the challenges, I simply focus on what I can do to work through it and get beyond it.

2014 is testing the very depths of my beliefs. I've been wrestling with a lot these last few years, and I'm still uncertain about so much. I know God is good, He is my Savior and my King, and all things are possible through Him and because of Him! I also know that life is not kind, it is not going to ever be predictable, and often times I will find myself falling more than I'm able to succeed. I have a better grasp on the truth that God allows the tough things to occur to test and strengthen my faith, my obedience, my determination. I'm not completely certain, but I'm learning more and more that I can truly trust Him to care for my every need. Daily I have to re-set my mind to focus first on what matters most: how blessed I am and how much God has provided. I am finding that as hectic and demanding as life is, I have to choose to slow myself down and simply listen. Meditate. Breathe. It means saying no to a few things, for the sake of my own sanity. I have experienced a level of disappointment and hurt in recent months that could have forced me to do something desperate and instead, I chose to find resolve, determined to set my life on a course for restoration. And that is not something that will happen overnight or even in a few months. This is a process which I have only just begun. I read this article this morning by a woman who shared how she bounced back. Some things she is doing rang true for me, similar choices I have made in my life. But at the end of the article, she stated something that is stuck in my mind today. It gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to be 'broken'.

.....'I learned that when we’re broken, we’re really just broken open. We are a seed that sits in the dark, damp earth waiting for spring.'
(read the full article here: http://thinksimplenow.com/clarity/bounce-back/)

Her words put it into almost tangible meaning for me, this state of being 'broken'. I'm there, I feel like I'm just beginning to put some of the pieces back together in my life. I want to be restored and whole again, but I welcome the process of getting there. I know God has something more to speak to me in this season, and I don't want to miss it.

I read in Colossians the other night during my devotional, Paul's powerful reminder to me that I have the power of Christ in me, and because of that I can live a victorious life. I want to embrace that more fully. I want to see His victorious favor ring true in my life in the months ahead. I am seeing glimpses of it already, He's blessing me in ways I had not anticipated and I certainly do not deserve. This is the path to restoration. I'm finding my way, one step at a time.

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