Trust, Hope, Faith.....

The LORD is my strength, my shield from every danger. I trust in Him with all my heart.” (Psalm 28:7).

It is interesting to me the path we take in our trust walk with God. That’s what so much of our relationship with Christ depends upon doesn’t it? Not that his power is measured by anything we do, but the realization that having been given free will, we have a choice to fully trust Him or not. It is a simple but difficult truth we will struggle with our entire lives. I have been blessed to know and love some amazing people in my life who exude this amazing persona of boundless faith and trust in God. I confess there have been moments in my life when I found myself envious of those who seem to have a stronger faith, a better trust in God than I have. I have learned by getting to know the depth of their faith walk, that in fact they had to endure some significant pruning in their own lives to get to that place of deeper faith and significant trust in our Father God. We have so much to learn from one another, if we simply choose to stop fretting, yapping, groaning, lingering about what we don’t understand and don’t possess ourselves, and be willing to listen and learn.

I think at some point when we have accomplished much and gained a level of “success” that boosts our confidence in this life, humility fades and pride threatens to take over what was intended to be a place where only the Holy Spirit resides. We have to be cautious and wise as we walk through this life, to ensure even when we hit the mark and meet those goals we set for ourselves to accomplish, that we keep our priorities in line. He is first, He deserves first, He is intended to be first in every area of our lives. The desire to be the best, to hold that #1 spot in life, to get the trophies, the headlines, the notoriety, puff up the chest and beat it declaring, “I’ve done it! I am the winner! I am the best!”, well, gets you something, that’s for sure. At the end of that, what remains? Where do you truly stand? All that stuff is great, but I want my life to have far more eternal significance, don’t you?

When we commit to a relationship with Christ, we need to adopt a persona far more humble. There is not enough humility being exampled in our world today. There is a whole lot of pride being vomited upon us every day through social media, community and world events, politics, etc. I personally have grown far more concerned about how we are arming ourselves with the Truth of the Gospel, and seeking out the truth in what our country and our world needs, than getting on my soapbox about what upsets me most in the day’s latest events. I would much rather put my time and efforts to best use in prayer, than in blasting my opinion about something all over the internet. When God doesn’t respond to our prayers as we expect, are we quick to jump on social media and moan and groan about how bad we’ve got it?

Here’s reality: We are selfish and incredibly foolish, and we will often fail more than we succeed BUT God is faithful, God is good and His timing and purpose are absolutely perfect! You say you don’t understand, you are overwhelmed, you need this one thing so very badly and if it doesn’t work out by this date/time, well then, you’re done. There’s no hope. That’s the end of it. Guess what? That’s not the end of it and there is hope. There is always hope. Our hope is built on Jesus, and when we CHOOSE to wait, listen, pray……wait, listen, pray…..wait, listen, pray…….


What do we gain when we act impulsively and out of desperation? Is your problem solved? Not likely.

Our faith is built, our trust is built, our hope is built, on nothing less than Jesus and His righteousness….

I wholly lean on His name! Are you leaning WHOLLY on His name?

Tears Have Purpose

I’ve always been one to come to tears easily. Whether it is a heartbreaking love story, tragic humanitarian effort story, a beautifully written song, a familiar smell, or a phrase someone said in my life at a time I needed it most. When it hits me just right, I’m a freaking mess. We are talking ugly cry. This past week has been brutal for me for more reasons than one. Life has hit me just right on some things, and I think God prepared me for it to hit in worship last Sunday morning. I’ve sung the song many times, “Closer” by Bethel. I love that song, but it truly crushes me. It crushes me in a good way, please understand. It is one of the few songs I’ve come to know that brings me to a more intimate state of being with my Father God. A state of being that I hadn’t known in my walk with Christ for years I think. Ryan and I have been through some challenging life circumstance the last five years. I can look back over that time and see where God used His Word, the truth of His Word woven into songs like “Closer”, and the intimacy I found in Him when I gave in to His pressing upon my heart to lean more upon Him than I had before; it was precisely timed as He intended for me.

Last Sunday morning, I found myself in that familiar place again near the end of the song, and as I led out the final lines, my heart was lifted and the Spirit moved me in a way that took my voice as the tears flowed. I find at that moment, I have a choice to harden myself and simply focus on finishing the song without crying, or giving in to the impression the Spirit is making upon my heart. This was one of those times when I gave up my attempt to control, and let the Spirit flow through me. Words are reduced to a whisper, all I know to do is say “Thank you, Father!” because no matter how weak I perceive myself to be in that moment, He has provided a moment to remind me afresh how alive and new I am in Him. I find I am far more present in the Father than I was the moment I woke that morning. It is a vulnerability I can choose to embrace, or push away. It is a moment I choose to spread my arms wide and receive, rather than shut Him out and tough it out. It is precisely where He intends for me to be.

‘Could it be that crying is a form of worship? In my case, yes. Instead of running from it or trying to suppress it, this process has taught me to embrace it.
When we pay attention to the things that make us cry, they give us a rare glimpse into who we are at our core.
Sometimes tears mean beauty. They signal recognition. They connect the body with the soul in a way few things can.
Sometimes, crying is our only contribution when we have nothing else to give. For these reasons, tears are a gift.’

(Reflections: Moved to Tears-Finding Meaning in the Experiences that Make Us Cry, Mary Lauren Weimer,

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