For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. Isaiah 43:19 NLT

This week I’ve kind of been in a funk. Burdened for loved ones who are in a difficult season of life and true to my personality-I am heartbroken and want to help. I don’t like being in that place. Stuck in the wrestling between my flesh and my spirit. God knows their need and will care for them perfectly, but for whatever reason I struggle to release it to Him. I struggle with trusting them fully to His care. It’s a terrible struggle, and I should be able to let it go right?

I shared last week a funny moment we had one evening on our walk through the neighborhood. I watched as my youngest Chloe, laughed and jumped around, so animated, so concerned about a horsefly bothering her Daddy. “Get off my Dad!!” It was funny at the time, but I am reflecting on that today in a deeper sense. I find it hard to resist reacting that same way when someone I love is in harm’s way. I want to help them, rescue them, protect them. But, I’m not the one intended to do that. There is only one who can do that far better than I, than anyone of us. He has the victory, every single time. Our hope, our help is in Christ Jesus. We know this to be true the day we accept Him into our hearts, but why is it so hard to maintain that? Why do we struggle to release it to Him right away when we enter into a difficult season? I think it is partly because our memory of the last time He delivered us is what we compare it to. The timing, the details, the whole scenario of how God delivered us that first time. It’s all too easy to expect a carbon copy deliverance every time we face a difficult season. Are you with me?

I gave a listen today to Steven Furtick’s message entitled, “Barriers to Blessings” and it stuck me precisely where I needed it. God gave Him a word and I got it. All too often when we seek deliverance in a difficult season, we expect Him to do it the same way He did it last time. Memory is a beautiful thing especially when we can recall His faithfulness to us. But we have to be careful in our perception of our God, that we don’t allow our faith to be in the system more than the Source. When we approach a difficult season, how do we talk to Father God about it? Do we rattle off a prayer in systematic fashion, telling him our struggle and then without missing a beat asking him in almost an instruction manual format to take care of it? Do you find yourself telling God how to deliver you? I think it is a realistic and dangerous place we must acknowledge we may find ourselves in. This is the place we have to choose deliberately, with complete abandon to our own perception, to throw off all we know and have experienced before, and trust Him absolutely. I am fiercely protective of my loved ones, and so my natural reaction to the things that threaten to take me or any one of them down in this life will always be like Chloe’s reaction to that horsefly buzzing around her Daddy. I’m learning as I get a bit older, to trust God with far less preconceived ideas in my head and a lot more simple trust from my heart.

So join me today, take some time to do a bit more meditation, yoga, quiet time, prayer, study with the Lord and release it all into His waiting hands.

He’s got this.

We don’t need to know how or why or when, we just need to trust the One who is going to take care of it.

He’s a good Father!


“By our attitudes are we nullifying the Christian message? Does our behavior contradict the very truths we are trying to get across to others?” – Selwyn Hughes, founder of Crusade for World Revival

People are looking at me. People are watching what I do. People are listening to what I say. They will judge me. They will criticize me. They will not agree with me. They will condemn me. The majority will go along with the loudest and most popular voice in the room. I wonder how many of the loudest voices in our society today stop and think before they open their mouths? I wonder how many of them have someone designated to speak on their behalf, and despite their not completely agreeing with what is to be spoken, they remain silent and go along with the status quo? Truth stands alone, and honestly quite often when we choose truth we will have to be prepared to stand alone. Truth does not always unify, and often times can divide because everyone’s own opinion is so much more highly valued in this day and age. The moment we make an effort to practice accountability with one another, the immediate response is to get defensive. The only way accountability works and truth wins is when we choose humility. I have witnessed how damaging pride and a self-serving agenda can be, and it is devastating. It leaves a mark on your heart for life. It causes me to pause and question whether or not it is worth it to have hope in the human race. When I’m at my lowest point, all I know to say is, “God, why?! Just take me now! I am so done with people, with this world, and so ready for eternity with you!”

In that moment when I’m frustrated, angry, disillusioned, disappointed and just done-He reminds me of His purpose in the waiting. His reason for why we are still here. His reason for allowing so much garbage to be spoken, shared, printed, televised for all the world to witness.

Grace... Mercy... Forgiveness... Unconditional Love... Peace that Passes All Understanding...

Truth is not always popular, but it will win even if we aren’t able to personally witness it. Truth will win because of what God has given us through the gift of His Son, our Savior.

What will you do to set the example today for others? They are looking at you, watching you, listening to you and ultimately learning from you. We are examples to each other, young and old, generation to generation, day in and day out, and we must consider what we are doing in attitude and in lifestyle that may be contradicting the Truth we are intended to represent as Christ followers.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor. (James 4:10 NLT)

‘I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection ……’ ("How Deep the Father’s Love for Us", by Stuart Townend)

Seek Him first, live humbly, and love abundantly. This is truly what we are called to do in our time on this earth. This is Truth.

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