What is Truth...How does this reflect Christ?

I was reminded today about the importance of testing what is before me to ensure it is an accurate reflection of what is truth, what is right, what is sound. I naturally fall into a deep seated desire to research something that leaves me stumped, and that is perhaps heightened because I want my four children to have only truth fed to them in terms of their faith journey. First and foremost, even our favorite pastors, musicians and authors who seem to have a direct connection with God and seem to spout pure gold from their mouths in terms of a message, worship song or novel--are all human and therefore flawed. We have a responsibility as Christ followers to stop putting these leaders on a throne anywhere close to the Throne of God. It is not right, it is not fair, and it certainly is not appropriate. We are reminded in scripture, as we study and grow in our faith, that this life is meant to make us stronger, better, far closer to what God intends for us to be: fulfilled in Him. The fact of the matter is we are not perfect, we are human. We are going to fail more than we succeed, and that is the intent in order for us to learn, grow and be better for it. As I consider the world my children are living in and what they must face every day, how their faith will be tested, their belief in God will be questioned and challenged, and they will ultimately have to discern not only right from wrong in secular settings, but also in religious settings--it is scary.

How is God's Word presented here? How is this individual who suddenly has their name in lights for doing worship a certain way that attracts thousands, or a book on the best seller list at the local religious bookstore, how will he or she glorify Christ in what they do and say when they stand on that platform? We as a community of believers have a responsibility and the privilege to stand beside these individuals we watch lead us in the name of Christ by choosing to be accountability partners with them. If they truly are seeking Christ first in all that they do, then they are pointing us to God first, and to ask questions, study the Word to check what they are saying is Truth and if it isn't, to lovingly and faithfully offer our criticism to ensure above all God is honored and glorified. What concerns me most as I am thinking on this subject today, is how vulnerable the younger generations are in some ways more so than mine was. Today they want it right away, quick as a text message, and they aren't interested in taking the time to truly study it for themselves, but would rather read a few notable reviews and make their decision based simply on the opinions of others in respected roles of leadership in our community, in our world. We are far too trusting of too many things labeled "Christian" today. Let's take a fresh look at what is before us in this new day and age, and consider how we can play a vital role in pointing to Truth and stand for what is clearly in black and white, rather than going along with the majority who think the grey is okay.

God has called us, each of us, to be light in a dark world. We have an important and sometimes uncomfortable role to play in each other's lives. I challenge you today to take the time, to know what you are participating in if it has been packaged up and labeled "Christian" in one way or another.

The bottom line is, how does this line up with what we know from the Word of God to be Truth, God-breathed?

Test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 NLT

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