Right Living

I am still soaking in Psalm 1 today. I cannot say that I thrill at God's Word, but I am working on it. It is a new Christ habit for me to meditate on one particular scripture for several days. I have decided not to label anything I do in my Christ walk simply as habit, but rather a Christ habit. It helps keep me focused, a reminder to have a fresh outlook on my time with Him. I don't want it to become what it has up to this point in my life, just another habit. I think we all fall in to that rut at one time or another in our lives when our time with God simply becomes another thing to mark off the daily checklist. Don't get me wrong--I have delighted in my time with Him, but I have had some lengthy periods in my life where it has become a bit mundane, doing it simply for the sake of getting it done and making myself feel somewhat satisfied that I have done what every Christian should do and spend daily time with God. I see now at this particular point in my life that I need something more, something fresh, something to jar me aware. Something to snag me like when you get the tail of your shirt caught on the edge of a chair as your walking by, and you gasp thinking you'll tear and probably ruin that shirt. I should be more concerned about my time with God being ruined. Yesterday and today I have been meditating on the section in Psalm 1 that reads: "You're a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, never dropping a leaf, always in blossom."
Right living. This is what I read over and over again the past couple days. How do you define right living? Okay, so let me stop you right where you are headed: it isn't just about being someone who choose not to smoke, drink, cuss, go to R movies, etc. As I read David Crowder's exploration of the idea of right living, it made sense to me and it also made me very aware of how I have something to learn and some changes to make. It is a return to the beginning, how it was in Eden, living with the desire to be growing, blooming, fresh and new every day. It is not enough to simply live a good life, I need to live as Christ desires for me to live. With hope, faith and love coursing through my veins and causing an outward reflection of who Christ is and what He has done for me. My life should be an eruption of praise: What is that? How do I get to the point I can say I do that? I look at my life right now, and for awhile I don't think I can say I have blossomed, I have lost most of my leaves the past few months, and I can't say I have born much fruit on a regular basis. I want to get to that place and be able to say I am flourishing, blossoming like a tree replanted in Eden. I think slowly I will get there as I go through this process, live out this new Christ habit. Some days it is all I can summon from within myself to simply say, "God is good, He knows what He's doing, I can trust Him completely." That path seems long, and the waiting is at times unbearable, but I'll keep on it because I cannot simply stop and sit out on the sideline of life.
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