2018: Release

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7:7 NLT)

Release – set free; let go/out; liberate; allow something to move, act, or flow freely.

In my daily time with Father God, I have several different positions I settle into to find my focus for the day. I got into yoga years ago, and so naturally I find myself lingering in restful, restorative poses during my quiet time that help me settle into a daily habit of release. I have decided this is my “theme” for 2018: Release. It makes sense for me, because of what I’ve experienced the past year. 2017 was challenging, stressful, an upheaval in several areas of my life. I can look back and appreciate the purpose of it now. In the midst of the struggles, I recognize there were moments I simply sought release. To not have to deal with any of it. To be able to step around, possibly avoid it altogether, and go about life without interruption. But how am I to truly experience release in my life without stepping through and enduring the challenges God is allowing to occur in my life? I was thinking this morning about what Ryan shared in worship this past Sunday, and the scripture in Matthew 7 came to my mind. The seeking of our God, it is not a one and done kind of thing. He longs for us to seek after Him daily, throughout the day we face, every corner, every crevice of our lives-He longs to experience it with us. He is already with us, but our decision to choose Him in our actions daily, it is what brings us to the point of release. This is our beautiful, holy, humbling habit, to choose the Father and entrust everything we have, our worries and our cares, completely to Him.

I recognize that in 2017, I had some white-knuckle moments, gripping way too tightly to what I thought I had to do to remedy some aspect of the challenges before me. When I sought the Lord and found release, I was reminded He held me all that time. He is never far, and I am not alone. I am thankful for those who have walked beside me, stood in the gap, made time in their busy lives to pray for me through these challenging moments. When we choose to rely upon the community of believers that God has so purposefully inserted into our lives, we find the release is even sweeter.

There is release in the act of seeking.
He has it for us, and that burden we bear,
Those things that threaten to hold our minds captive ….
Uncurl your fists, let it all roll off the tips of your fingers and onto the ground at the foot of the Cross.
Seat yourself firmly in His presence,
Praise Him even through the aches of this life….

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