We are anointed with purpose, each and every one of us. The question is, Are we living it? This morning I heard from a popular pastor in his televised message that we need to ignore those who would tear us down and don't agree with who we are. So many of us live to receive the approval of others, whether it is our family, our friends, our church. We can make ourselves miserable trying to please others and live up to their expectations. Whose approval should we seek? That's easy: God's. If we are truly living a life that reflects Christ and who He has anointed us to be, then we will know true joy and peace. I want that for myself and for Ryan, and right now we are both struggling with that. I know what my heart and soul longs to do, what my gifts and abilities are as does Ryan. So what happens when life creates barriers? Find a way, live in His purpose and His calling upon your life any way that you can. I am hoping and praying that we find the strength to push forward, to be used completely by Him in ministry. I know God has that for us, but we just can't see it unfolding yet. I don't know why, but I've got to be okay with that and trust He will reveal it in His perfect timing. Thank you Lord for the anointing You've placed on my life and Ryan's.
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