"Today is a new day." --Chicken Little

I love that line and for some reason it came to mind this morning. We should all have that outlook when we start each day. This movie is one of my son AJ's favorites, and Rylee and Bailey love it more for the songs. Chicken Little has it really tough in the story cause he yells that something terrible is about to happen, and when all the world is against him and he needs his Dad to support him, just believe in him--he doesn't. The story gets better and the dad eventually hears his son's hurt and disappointment and they resolve the situation, find closure as Abby Mallard (Chicken Little's friend) suggests. In the end his dad tells him he loves him, apologizes for not being there and show his support both verbally and by his actions. How many of us struggle to find that love and support we need and so desperately desire? In the beginning Chicken Little has made up his mind he will do something better, improve himself by starting fresh with a new day. No matter the odds against him, he chooses to be positive, give his best effort and move forward. Thankfully we can add to that our faith in Christ and knowing God will take care of us at all times. There is no greater power than first knowing God is on our side and second having the support and love of family and friends around you. There are so many people in this world who've had a less than positive example, support system around them. What a difference we can make each day to say, "Lord, give me the opportunity today to cross someone's path and make a positive impact on their lives." Whether we realize it or not, our day is filled with opportunities and it is up to us to see them. So many times our priorities get in the way of that goal. I hope today we will each clear our agendas and make more room for expecting those opportunities.
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