I am little tired and somwhat frazzled at the moment, but I am bound and determined to get in my blog today. Easter is approaching, and so I have been thinking since last Sunday how am I changed since I first came to know Christ. How am I changed? Who am I today that I was not before? Do I really know Him, trust Him, love Him? I find as I get older I am bombarded daily by so many expectations to be something I should be, but am I just being me? Am I finding my authenticity and living it, really and truly living it? If everything I have, everyone I know, all the stuff I have accumulated and accomplished in my life was stripped away Who would I really be? I don't have an answer. I guess I don't have it cause I don't want to have it. I feel like that would be saying I am done, content, uninterested in moving, changing, being renewed and refreshed daily. I do know I am God's, I am chosen, I am a holy vessel for Him to use, I am blessed, I am loved and I am a good person. I know I fail and will fail, I know I can make a difference for Christ, I know I can be even better tomorrow than I am today and I know God has a plan for every moment of my life. So I stand here today uncertain of what tomorrow will be, but certain of God and His plan for me. Jeremiah 29:11 will always be a permanent fixture in my mind and heart because I can find such comfort, confidence and joy in it. The Lord has a plan and purpose for my life, one of hope and not harm. I can stand on that, I can believe in that, I can find joy in knowing I don't have to have all the answers at any point in my life. God is good, and I want to fall at His feet daily to find freedom in releasing all my cares and concerns to Him.
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