There is nothing like waking up to the earth covered in a blanket of snow. It makes me feel cozy, and it is nice to have a little more time to sleep in. The kids were thrilled that there is no school today. I wonder what the Israelites would have thought if they woke to snow one day? I am sure they would have been very surprised, wondering what on earth was going on. Not that much different from how they felt when Moses began leading them through the wilderness as God had told him. They actually told him they'd rather go back to Egypt and live as slaves than go any further into the unknown territory that lay before them. It is scary not knowing what lies ahead. To be in unfamiliar territory rather than our idea of comfort is enough to give us all second thoughts. But what about faith? That was Moses' question to the people, what about the God who had already performed such incredible miracles? The majority of us would admit we will believe more confidently in something when it is tangible. In Exodus 14:13 Moses says to the people of Israel: "Do not fear! Stand where you are and watch what God will do for you!"
Okay, that is my own paraphrase of it, but you get the idea. Stand firm, watch what God will do! He has not done it yet, but just believe and stand firmly on the promise that He will provide for you! No matter the uncertainty, no matter where or to what you are called, God has a plan. What is He telling you today and what will you do about it?
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