Today I am going for a health assessment which is a free service to ISU employees. It is the first I've had in years so I am a little anxious about what my results may be. I know I have some weight to lose, but in the back of my mind are concerns with health risks on both sides of my family. I know I shouldn't worry, but I do. Isn't that human? It can't just be me cause I know plenty of people worry. I suppose I take it to a higher level at times which I am certain Ryan would confirm. Anxiety is something we all need to let go of more often. I see anxious tendencies in my daughter, and I know she comes by it naturally due to both parents' personalities. We are approaching teen years with her so I wonder what kind of teen she will be. She already is showing that she favors her Dad's personality much stronger than mine. As another year passes for her, I pray with greater concern that she finds salvation. My son Bailey is a completely different personality, very outgoing and a greater risk taker. He accepted Christ at 5 much to our surprise. We were amazed at his certainty at such a young age. He was full of questions one day in the car, and prayed many times as if he wanted to make sure he'd really done it. It was precious! I know it will be different with Rylee, still I wonder and wait a bit too anxiously. We've talked, we've prayed and I know she understands what the decision means and how wonderful it is. It's time for me to let go and let God. I know it's between Him and her now...but it is hard to wait.
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