So much to do today, so little time to blog. I read in my quiet time this morning the familiar passages leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. I am horrified every time I have read these passages as to how the Lord was treated by the very people He came to save. He had so much to teach them, really remind them of from Scriptures He literally, physically was fulfilling. Even the wisest, most knowledgeable teachers and priests refused to believe He was the Son of God. Was it too easy? Yes, I think they expected Him to come down in a huge show of ceremonial glory, robed in some fancy robes and a glittering crown upon His head. I think they were surprised because He came in such a natural, down to earth manner that everyone could relate to. Why? I don't know all the answers, but to me it seems our expectations of how something should be get in the way of simply being open to anything happening. We set ourselves up to be disappointed when we impose our own ideas upon something that is truly God inspired, not within our control. Our humanity can truly be cruel and unrealistic. I think we do this daily. We have such expectations about how our day will go, how our lives will play out within our careers, marriages, families and every relationship within our immediate social circles. How different our outlook on life would be if we would start our day more open minded, choosing to turn it all over to God and say, "I know You are in control and You know what is best for me!" It is not so easy; our pride and our own selfish ambition get in the way of what God truly intends for us. He has a purpose for every moment, and He had a purpose for every moment of His Son's life on the earth. I am reminded each day to be in awe, so grateful for what God has given me because I do not deserve any of it. This is the mindset that can truly shape us, and I don't want to get caught up in something superficial only to be jolted painfully back to the reality that I am not in control--it is all His! What are you thinking upon today? How will you choose to set your mind on something more lasting, more abundant? He has it for us, but we must surrender and recognize He is always on His throne. That is some inspiration to think on.
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