Mid afternoon is typically my favorite time of day because AJ is down for his nap, I can have a cup of tea and have some time to do what I would like whether it be reading, blogging, or catching a favorite show on A&E or Food Network. I am thankful for this time because it keeps me sane, keeps me balanced. In my quiet time this morning I read the familiar passage about the woman with the bleeding disorder who was healed by touching Jesus' robes. This has always been one of my favorite passages because of her faith, just to touch his robe and know she would be healed! She was fearful to reveal herself to him, but she knew who He was and what healing He could provide. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to look into his face and hear his words, "Your faith has healed you". Do you have faith like that? The Bible tells us we only need faith the size of a mustard seed, and mountains will be moved! In my lifetime I can already recall moments when I heard about or literally witnessed a "mountain" being moved in someone's life. It is amazing, and it is a jolt to our own faith. I can think right now of two precious women in my life who need a mountain moved. I pray for them constantly and I know God will provide for them if they truly believe Him and His promises for their lives. Prayer is a powerful way to show others our faith, our belief in God. There are so many layers to our faith, and at the core is the knowledge of Christ and His power. I hope I will daily find a way to be an example of faith to someone. I know the woman Christ healed was an example to so many, and hopefully the lives she effected were equally effective in influencing someone else's faith. We are all connected, we all have something truly remarkable to live for.
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