Live for Today

It’s the focus we should have each day. Yes, we need to have a healthy outlook on life, make wise preparations for our future. Here is the “but”—don’t worry about tomorrow. Who does that?! You know there aren’t very many of us out there that can say we do not worry. If you don’t worry then I have one thing to say to you and please know I say this without the intention to offend—You are not normal. Here is the point and let this sink in:

Life is filled with worry—We are filled with the Holy Spirit! No worries—Give God Glory!

As I write it, read it, try to absorb it I will admit to you that it takes me some time to really get it. It is not in our nature to praise God in the midst of the worst of circumstances. Here is the path we need to take. When we reach the end of ourselves, we must let go and let God! Let God love us, cover us with His peace, His grace, His mercy, His strength, His power! It is there for us and always available to us, but somehow the weight of our circumstances, our burdens, overshadow it and make it hard to grasp. This is what leaves me feeling desperate, helpless, inadequate, depleted, and depressed. Here’s hope:

I call to You from the end of the earth
when my heart is weak.
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I!
( Psalm 61:2, NLV)

I heard a great song today, not new to me but the words were like new to my heart. It helped me get some focus, some fresh perspective. Natalie Grant’s “Live for Today” is dancing in my head and my heart and it is helping me to lighten up!
Our circumstances have not changed, doors have closed—but God is opening some windows for us to consider. We are ready to embrace something new, not necessarily what we have had in mind but it will help us make the fresh start that we need. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we explore some new possibilities. Know that we are so thankful for you, for your prayers and encouragement, for all the ways that you have chosen to stand beside us through these challenging times.
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