Trust in Him, Live for Him!

In these uncertain days, there is no greater hope than what we have in Christ. Our days on this earth are numbered, God knows just how many we each have and so we must make each one count as if it were our last! I was reminded in my devotional today of one particular man’s response to God. His unyielding, unhesitant trust in God to do what was necessary to fulfill His purpose. Abraham was called by God to go to the mountain to make a sacrifice. It turned out when he arrived that the lamb was to be his son, Isaac. The son that was promised to him for so long and that he and Sarah waited for, until in their very old age God provided and Isaac was born! My goodness, can you imagine? I can’t. It was hard enough for me to have a baby at 39, but to have a child at the age of 90 something? Oy! Lord, You clearly have purpose in all You do but this one leaves me baffled. Genesis 22 God tells Abraham what he must to and there is really is no indication of anxiety, hesitation or fear in his response to God. How amazing is it to read as God stops him and then soon enough provides the lamb in the brush nearby? I can’t imagine what that experience must have been like for Abraham, and for Isaac as well! Certainly this would be a moment that neither one of them would soon forget. Something of an interesting father-son trip to say the least! So, it is rather humbling to me to consider after reading and recalling these familiar scriptures, my situation pales in comparison! I think we could all agree that in comparison most of our difficult experiences would pale in comparison to this! What I took away from it was this: How far will God take me in my faith walk before He believes I am ready for what is to come? How far am I willing to go? How long am I willing to wait? God doesn’t consider time in the way we perceive it to be; it’s His to determine. It is His to orchestrate. I may think I’ve got His ways all figured out, I know the scriptures, I believe what He has told me, I know what I have been taught, what I have learned rings true in my heart and soul…..but I do not know it all! I do not know God completely and I will not know Him completely until I am standing before Him in His glory! So, this journey is not complete. I have so much to learn. We all have so much to learn. We may think we have graduated, and yes there are some of us who know more than others at this point in our walk with Christ. So, are you as determined and willing in your faith as Abraham was to go the distance if God calls you to it? No holds barred, He has said, “Go!” and make a difference in this world where so many are willing to just get by, blend in, act the part, assimilate and just be more of the mass that is considered “the norm”. Don’t let it be you. Be set apart. Be His. Set the bar high. God has a higher calling for us. Will you answer? Will you trust Him no matter what?
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