Spiritual Companionship

It seems that I have managed a couple of sizable waves this week, waves of intense uncertainty, anxiety, and very tangible brokenness. For whatever reason, God allows it to overwhelm me to the point I realize I cannot take it much longer, and then it washes over me….His peace. There’s no visible movement that can be detected with my eyes, no audible voice in my ears, just a reassuring wave that flows through my heart and soul. My devotionals have been centered around Elijah in recent days, and what lessons I am learning! It is a fresh reminder to me of how in the most desperate, fearful and lonely days of his life, God was there and provided so much for him. He specifically provided a spiritual companion to him in the person Elisha. I can immediately identify in my life right now “Elisha’s”. You know who you are! You have given me such encouragement, such strength, such motivation, such relief and comfort, in my weakest, angriest, most depressed moments. God is good, He knows my need and He knows precisely when I need it. I am reminded once again of just how precious I am to God, His chosen, His child, His called, His purposed. Daily my focus needs to be on drawing closer to my heavenly Father and glorify Him in ALL that I do. If I am seeking Him with all of my heart, then I can rest in knowing He will satisfy ALL of my needs. (Matthew 6:33)
I know God will honor our prayers, and our requests to be fully immersed in the calling He has placed upon our lives to serve in worship ministry. I am looking forward to seeing it happen, to seeing His perfect timing come about in our lives.
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