It's Monday yet again. I was out sick several days last week and so now I return to the unending catch up work. Uggh. Mondays can be tough as it is, but it seems harder given my circumstances. I am still getting over this crud and not in the best of moods, people are being demanding and impatient as usual in my line of work, so stress levels are high today. I can't wait for 4:30 to come. Fall is arriving whether we are ready for it or not. School, new schedules, new events, busy, busy, busy....I am too tired for this. I wish summer lasted longer than it has. My daughter, Rylee, started middle school last week--yikes! She is adjusting pretty well, but I know there will be more hurdles to come. Bailey is in second grade and so far, so good. He started football--oh yeah! That's my boy. He is loving it, although he's finding even the fun of football includes some hard work. AJ, my sweet youngest is rolling right along and I am missing being at home with him. Ryan and I are working on this debt thing, gotta get it done. At some point some relief will come I am sure, but for a little while we'll be noses to the grindstone. Each day I start my prayer with thanks for the little things, thanks for one more day, thanks for being...just being who You are God. Some days that's all I need to get me through.
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