Today I experienced something new. While in the shower, about 5:30 am this morning, we experienced an earthquake. Yes you read it right--an earthquake in Indiana! The news reports stated everyone from the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky felt it. Something like 5.4? Nothing for those Californians but a wowzer for us! About 11:40 we had an after shock. I was standing sorting mail in the office and a lady across from me said, "Did you feel that?" and several of us said, "Oh yeah!" Is that crazy or what? Well it will be a memorable day for me and I couldn't resist posting something about it on my blog. I was so tired last night, another whirlwind day. I had a sleepy quiet time and this morning was refreshed by my time in prayer on the way to work. I don't want to miss a single day of my morning prayer time as I drive to work. It keeps me grounded, humbled and very thankful. It also keeps me aware of those around me and prepares my mind and heart for the day ahead. I always feel a little bit more focused by doing this. Prayer is our opportunity for open communication with God and it should be without ceasing. I find as I get older I am having more open communication throughout the day with God. I think it is the way he truly intends for prayer to be. It doesn't have to be some fancy ceremony at the same time everyday, done the same way, like something on a to do list. I always want it to be authentic, real and refreshing.
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