I can't believe the little things that can drive me crazy each day. Now that our car is fixed, we have to get the tags and registration which Ryan was planning to do this week. No surprise, they required some kind of documentation he didn't have on him. It is frustrating and ridiculous the differences in what one state requires for registering your vehicle versus what another state requires. At some point this is one of those things that needs to be universal. It would save us all a whole lot of time and frustration not to mention making it paperless will be so much more beneficial for our environment. You know I could go on about the frustrations of this life for me, but for now this is it. Nothing comes easy in this world and there is always something unexpected and required of us. I got to thinking that God kind of works that way. As we walk through this life, living as Christ followers, we should expect the unexpected and not be surprised by what is required of us. Isn't that true? Weird. I read in my quiet time last night about the festivals the people of Israel were expected to observe. The festivals, what to eat and what not to eat, what ceremonies to perform and what you could or could not do on certain days. I think if I had lived back then I would have had to keep a running list with a calendar, much like I already do--ha!, so I didn't forget anything. So what's on your agenda today? Is there something frustrating you, and has something unexpected and required of you crossed your path? More than likely you will answer the same way I did. It never ends, but we can choose to live it out with integrity and joy knowing God has a purpose for every single moment of our lives. Even the frustrating, unexpected and required ones we are simply hoping to get over with or avoid altogether.
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