What is mine....is His

What does it mean: ownership? The dictionary defines it as "the legal right of possession". So what is possession? It is defined as "to have in one's control". Bottom line, what do we own, possess, have in our control? Answer? Nothing of worth, eternal worth, that is. Isn't that the point? As we live and breath on this earth, my goal as a Christian is to focus on the things that matter most, that contribute to eternity with Jesus. It doesn't matter how much money I make, what kind of house I own, what kind of car I drive, what kind of electronic devices I use, the clothes I wear, the people I know, the things I accomplish in terms of worldly success.....none of it matters what bit or increases my eternal worth if I am not making a difference for Christ. To love others more than myself, to make a lasting impression on the lives of others for the Kingdom and that they would come to know Christ should be my greatest desire and focus! I have always been of an optimistic nature, looking first for the best in others and expecting good things from life. But I also recognize that to get there, to see the good and find purpose, to know and live in what God has intended for me means I must make an effort, take initiative, do the work. God does not guarantee us an easy life, or that everything we want will just land in our laps on a silver platter. When our hearts and minds are right before God, when we have set goals for ourselves to achieve what we know we are gifted to do, and when we do the work that God calls us to do to get there...oh, my goodness! Then, that is when it happens. It means complete surrender, and complete trust in the Father. It means it isn't going to be easy most of the time, and though the waiting is difficult and we may have to do some things that aren't as thrilling or fulfilling as what we dream to do, I believe God honors our efforts as our hearts and our minds remain focused on Him every single moment of every day. I was inspired by my devotional today and so I literally printed a portion of it and tacked it to the wall of my cubicle. I have looked at it more than once over the course of the day, and it is such a truth, a humbling statement that I want to carry with me every day. Here it is. Catch it. Soak it up. Let it roll around in your heart and mind and hopefully you will be inspired to appreciate less of what this world has to offer and more of what God wants for you.

'God owns ALL and provides ALL. He owns our possessions, our relationships, and our ministries. He owns our abilities as well as our lack, our successes as well as our failures. As we come through our next battle (and we will!) - in fact, even in the midst of the battle - let's return the ownership and give Him all the glory. We must never attempt to control or hold tight to what the Lord has provided.'
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