Courage. I believe it has taken a considerable amount of courage for Ryan and I to choose to walk this path as we have these past months. Courage. God has given it to us, we couldn't possibly have it within ourselves. Courage. I was reminded this morning by my Dad of someone else who had courage even in the worst of circumstances: Joseph. He had so much happen to him, and he had so many reasons to curl up in a ball, curse God and just lay down and die but he didn't. He trusted God, and when the day came that he stood before his brothers after all they'd done to him and all he'd been through and he was able to say, "Do not be afraid. What you intended for evil, God intended for good." I know He has good for us, I know He has purpose and I know He will sustain us through every single moment of our lives. There are moments when I feel as if I could cave in, I could give up so easily because it appears that we are in this holding pattern but I had to say out loud this morning as I drove in to work that I realize even in this holding pattern He is using us for His good.
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