Chomping at the bit? Yep, that is where we are!

If you know the phrase, "chompin' at the bit" then you know what we are experiencing the majority of the time. I looked it up and it describes the behavior of a horse, anxious to get going. Yep, that is a great way to describe where we are right now. We know God is using us even in our "holding pattern" but it is difficult when we have no real outlet for the gifts He has given us. For the sake of just a good update, here we are.

As of today, Ryan has had very little work the past few weeks at his job. He is lucky to get a full week's paycheck when he goes in and day to day never knows if they'll have work or send him home. When he gets home, the paycheck ends up being minimal and as a result you can imagine how quickly what little we have goes. This is where God comes in, and WOW, has He! Over the course of these past few weeks alone He has done something miraculous but isn't anything He does miraculous?! Words cannot describe how humbled and thankful we are are to watch as His provision arrives at the very moment we need it most. If you are reading this, and you know who you are, thank you from the deepest part of our hearts! The prayers, the cards, the time you take out to really ask us, "How are you doing?", the chats over a cup of coffee, the hugs, the tears, the text messages.....I cannot say enough about what a blanket of strength and peace you have provided for us. God is good, and He has used each and every one of you.

Ryan has since interviewed for a job at our local grocery store and did a drug screening. We expect they'll contact him in the next week to offer him a position. This is likely to be the best job offer he's had, probably not great pay but a more dependable job and less gas money for us overall. Lord, how good You are!

Ryan has had a second email from a church in Missouri that is considering him among about 60 other applicants for their worship pastor position. They notified him they are observing a 30 day holding pattern while they do a trial run with some local applicants. It may not be the answer we'd like, but it is an answer. Lord, how good You are!

As he sees other ministry job openings, he is applying for them. We continue to walk day to day in this, knowing that we may be frustrated because it is not moving along in the timeframe we'd hoped and expected, but in God's timeframe it is all according to His perfect plan for our lives. Lord, how good You are!

Please continue to pray for us, this being the most powerful and effective thing you can do for us and for that---we are so incredibly thankful!

Finish what you started in me, God.
Your love is eternal—don't quit on me now.
Psalm 138:8
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