We are known and we are chosen

Romans 8:29 is a reminder from the writer, Paul, that we are known and chosen by our Maker. We are to be like Him, striving toward a life that is righteous. How do we get there? Well, we will be working toward it all of our lives. We will get there when we stand before Him one day. We will get there when we hear Him say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." It is going to be sweet to hear those words, although I don't believe I deserve it. It is a healthy humility that I carry knowing that I can never be as perfect or sinless as Christ was, but I can daily work toward being more like Him, drawing from the strength He gives me to be the best example of Him I can be to the world around me. I was challenged to day in my devotional to examine where my feet are planted. Am I splashing one foot in the pools of the world while attempting to plant the other foot on Christ's solid foundation? It is not possible and it is not what God desires for me. I need to shake off the things of this world everyday, and make sure both my feet are firmly planted on the solid foundation Christ has given me. I know the opportunity to serve with my church on mission this fall is just one way He is teaching me to completely trust my life to Him and serve so that He can teach me something I need to learn in my Christian walk. I am inspired and amazed by friends who have chosen a sacrificial life of service in areas that I don't know that I could go. Regardless of where we are called to serve, there is no need for comparison because we all serve the same God and He promises to use us in every opportunity He gives us. What a mighty God we serve!
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