Where do we go now?

I think it was a Guns and Roses song, Sweet Child of Mine, with the lyric, "Where do we go now?" I don't know why that came to mind today other than it is a new year, time to take Christmas stuff down and pack it away so I am wondering amidst all there is to do...where do I go now? I wish I could take off for a week to just vacation, unwind, relax, catch a great concert, eat some incredible food and spend some romantic time with my man--that's where I'd like to go! Anyway, back to reality. Today is the beginning of some new resolutions for me I hope to make lifelong habits. In my quiet time this morning I was reading in Genesis about Noah, chapter 6 verse 22: He did everything exactly as God commanded him. He was the only man, found blameless and righteous, consistently sharing a close relationship with God. If only my life could be such an example. That is great motivation, what an example Noah is to us all. I would hope today as I seek to find my direction to go in getting my to do list done, that I will keep God first. Everything and anything I do should pale in comparison to my need for my God. How consistent, obedient, committed will I be in 2008? What will others say about me? Hopefully it is all good, and hopefully I will not allow my pride to get in the way of admitting when I screw up and need a Savior.
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