Proverbs 3 tells us that gaining wisdom and understanding is far greater than any treasure on this earth, any accumulation of wealth whether it be in jewels or precious metals--nothing compares. God is funny. I go through these stages as I endure difficult circumstances---anger, frustration, fear, despair, doubt, joy, peace. At some point between fear and joy I find it very therapeutic to laugh! God provides that, I am sure of it. I would like to think at some point dealing with the Pharisees and all those who doubted and ridiculed him in his time on this earth, he must have laughed. God's timing is perfect, I have seen the evidence of it in several moments of my life. Whether we like it or not, ready or not, he has a plan and a reason for every single thing we go through. I got to thinking about the car again today. We still don't know what we are going to do, waiting to hear if the dealership will work out a payment arrangement with us. I was talking to God today, and I just said to Him, "You are God, the God who makes the impossible possible! You can work this out for our when exactly is that?" There was no answer, just silence as I drove home from work. In that silence though, I started to find peace, my faith has not died and I do know my God will provide. He is there, speaking through my heart in the form of peace and reassurance. The struggles we go through may be great, but God is always greater!
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