Keep on keepin' on!

Life doesn't slow down for anything or anyone, so how do we keep up? Put one foot in front of the other and go, go, go! I have always been the temperament of one who needs to be somewhat busy, engaged in something worthwhile, not standing still for very long. I don't like to wait, I don't like to be stuck in one place with nothing to do. I will often seek out what I can do by asking, seeking, searching, digging, just doing. In my quiet time today I read in Matthew 6:7-10 a reminder to keep asking, seeking and knocking because it is there for us to find, to do, to be blessed. God wants us to have the desires and dreams within our hearts so what is holding us back? For years I have found myself doing a job that is okay, but nothing to rejoice about. Retail work may be easy and busy, but it is quite honestly boring. I have been exploring spiritually and professionally something more for my life for about three years now. It probably started after I had AJ. I knew I did not want to return to retail, working nights and weekends to get the extra income we wanted and needed. I would like to go into massage therapy, and I am exploring my options in obtaining a physical therapy degree. The questions keep turning over in my head: How can we afford it? How will it impact my family and our home environment? How will I find the time to study and keep up with our home, my children, our many activities? How do I do this and remain sane? I know I am not the first thirty something to consider going back to school. I haven't found my niche in life yet, that is in addition to my great passion for my family. I always knew I'd be a wife and mother, and I honestly thought that would fill every void. But, I am finding there is still something in me that cries out to be fulfilled. I want my children to see in me that they can do whatever their heart desires, what God wills for their lives. I can't help but think these past few years God has been speaking to me, urging me to pursue this. I will continue to ask, seek and knock because I know He has it for me to find on the other side of the door when the timing is right.
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