In Matthew 10 Jesus was teaching His disciples about priorities. He emphasized in several examples throughout this chapter how important it is to deny all and follow Him. Nothing in this life is lasting nor perfect, not our marriages, not our families, not our jobs, not our churches, not our lifestyles, not our social circles or, what's your priority? It should be Christ, and Christ alone. Drop it all, follow Me. That's all He wants. It is hard to swallow in my heart and mind, and I know I am not the only one, that life as I know it could change in a split second. Something horrific could occur, and what would I have then? How would I go on? Jesus has the answer. He is always there, and God is always on His throne. In our human minds we cannot fully comprehend the depths of His love, but when I stand before the Father I want Him to say He saw Himself in me. Jesus told his disciples, deny your family, let go of your grip on relationships, places, things of this life and turn to follow Me. This doesn't mean we live life alone or without our loved ones or creature comforts, but it means we have a healthier perspective on what truly matters most. Live each moment fully, acknowledge the power of Christ in your life, and the Father will see that in you as you stand before Him one day. That puts my mind and heart at ease.
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