I am fasting today in preparation for our life insurance exam in the morning. I am hungry, I would love to eat something but I won't cause it will help them get a clearer result on our tests. So I will fill my mind and heart with things to distract from my physical hunger today. I read in my quiet time today about Jesus' provision to the crowds when the disciples thought there would not be enough. He took what they had, blessed it and by the time everyone was fed there was still so much left over. Isn't that what he promises to do for us in all things? Abundance is ours if we will trust in Him, lean upon His understanding, know His provision is true. The scripture says some trust in men and horses, but we trust in the name of our God! How true is that of our world today? Our society says to trust in so many things that man has created for his own comfort, prosperity, success in this life; but what about what God can do? None of that matters unless we have a loving, saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He has promised to bless us abundantly, so we must first trust all we have to Him because after all, none of what we have is truly ours. God has given us this life and we must do with it what is truly good and holy. Our time on this earth is so brief but He has allowed it so that so many more can come to know Him. I am thankful for that, and I hope to treasure each moment more than I did before. Isn't it time we slowed down, savored a moment or two and really thanked the Lord for giving us life?
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