The headline this morning on the news was about the death of a young actor, Heath Ledger. He was found dead yesterday morning in his New York apartment, the cause yet to be determined. Speculation is flying of course, but the autopsy will reveal the true nature of his death. I immediately felt a great sadness for this young man. We have enjoyed several films he has starred in, such a great actor. I was sad more than anything for his young daughter, how she will never really know or remember her father. She will most likely only have images in her mind of who he was in her life. 28 years old....what kind of impression did his life make upon those he knew best, those he loved, worked with, those who surrounded him throughout his life. I was reading in my quiet time this morning about Jacob and when he and his family moved to Egypt to be reunited with Joseph. It is a story we have known and loved about how Joseph, despite how his brothers treated him, sold him into slavery in Egypt....he through a series of events chose to embrace them, forgive them and see the greater purpose God had for his life. He knew immediately why God allowed those events to take place, why he was in Egypt and how it was meant to be for the sake of his family. Jacob was able to see his son again, the son he loved so dearly and thought he'd lost. Even in his old age, he could have some time to reunite and reacquaint himself with Joseph....what an incredible moment that must have been! I wonder how it must feel for that young actor's family to lose him so suddenly, to know there will not be another moment to embrace him, talk with him, surround him? I hope he had a full life, I hope he lived well and that people in his life knew him for who he really was. I think we all hope to live a life of meaning and purpose, not wasting it on superficial things, things that will fade away. What do we treasure most? Jacob loved the Lord, loved his family, and as a result of his obedience and faith God blessed him abundantly. I hope everything I do and say is a reflection of how good God is. Psalm 19:14 says it best:
May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.
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