Praying with confidence

1 John 5:13-15 I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God. Now you can know you have life that lasts forever. We are sure that if we ask anything that He wants us to have, He will hear us. If we are sure He hears us when we ask, we can be sure He will give us what we ask for.

Mark 11:24 Because of this, I say to you, whatever you ask for when you pray, have faith that you will receive it. Then you will get it.

So many days recently I have spent searching the scriptures, asking my closest confidants, how do I pray? I struggle with my prayers more now than any other time in my life I think. Am I praying right? Am I praying with great expectation? Am I asking too much of God? Am I trying to do His job by being too specific in asking Him for what I want, for my heart's desire? It can be exhausting. This question. Lord, how do I ask this of You? I am afraid to ask my greatest desire of You because, well, I am afraid You won't give it to me. I am afraid of disappointment. I am afraid of things not going the way I'd like for them to. Don't get me wrong--I know God knows best and I want that, I pray that every day. But, sometimes when I don't know how to pray, I simply stop myself and have to say, "Lord, Your will be done!" Why do I feel like somehow I am not giving it my all when I do that? It is like I almost feel bad for not having a "better" prayer to pray. I am very much aware each day of how precious my time with the Father is. It is our time, my daily conversation that sets the tone of my day. I want to bring Him my best and even at my worst be able to admit to Him in my prayers that I know I can bring Him more, and hopefully by the end of the conversation He has had my best. To each day, I think we can all strive to bring God more of our very best! He deserves it!
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