You are His Masterpiece

“Love each other deeply and fully. Remember the ways that I have loved you, and demonstrate your love for others in those same ways.” (John 13:34 The Voice Translation)

How amazing, how GOOD is our God?! So good, I am practically falling down in the middle of my office today at His incredible presence precisely when we need it!
What are you facing today? Well, let’s take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror. God, you’ve given me life, breath in these lungs and a purpose today to accomplish. I’ve got to get up, get ready for work, make sure the kids are up and out the door to the bus, and I’m on my way to accomplishing whatever tasks lay before me when I arrive at work. But first….

Lord, have I told you how much I love you today? Have I chosen the first words from my mouth to be words of gratitude? Have I checked my focus to allow what I know to be true about the being you’ve created me to be, prioritize everything that comes after this very moment around You? I hope and pray I didn’t miss it. The first, precious, waking moments of my day, wholeheartedly and securely centered on You, Almighty God.

God created each one of us to be a uniquely woven Masterpiece. No two are alike, and some are more frayed and torn than others. Something good happens, and we see a new, vibrant color weave its way into the pattern. Something bad happens, and that color dulls, perhaps thins and for some completely frays apart and ultimately breaks, causing a gaping hole to begin forming. I was working on mending a pair of Ryan’s pants the other night, and I was a bit frustrated to look at it and wonder how I was going to mend it, and mend it well enough to last. It was a place that had been caught on a chair or something, and it was not a clean tear, it was rough edged and not going to be easy to mend. But I realized as I examined it, considered how to mend it well, and then began to work on it, it was going to be okay. It was going to be complete.

God is not quick to give up on us: His Masterpiece. He sees the wounds, the bruises and scrapes, the deep tears in our flesh, and He knows what we need and provides it as perfectly as only our Father God can. He loves us so deeply and fully, so much more than we can comprehend even within our own human mind’s comparison to love as we know it on this earth. Take a look at yourself right now. What has you tied up in knots today? What pain are you simply choosing to live with because perhaps you feel there is no other option? What is keeping you from moving forward to what God truly intends for your life today?

Stop and ask yourself now: Will I choose to trust God completely, even in the middle of this horrific storm? There is power in that choice, because it is not a choice powered by our humanity; it is absolutely powered by His Divinity!

Embrace what He has purposed you to be today, and don’t look back at who you were before. Watch as He weaves a new and vibrant color into the Masterpiece that He has created your life to be!

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