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Sinking or Seeking?

Having one of those days, and they seem to be hitting me in groups of several days in a row lately. Just sinking dangerously close to a place that seems harder to climb out sometimes. If I didn't have the amazing force of love and encouragement around me in my family, my inspiring friends, key women in my life who are truly mentors to me, well, I'd simply let myself be sunk and probably settle there comfortably for awhile. The vicious cycle of life, a brutally busy schedule, and no choice but to keep moving forward or get run over is staggering most days because I would quite simply prefer to roll over under my cozy comforter than to force myself to stumble step by step out of my bed at around 6:00am-ish in the morning. The startling truth though of my reality is that the "hard" of life, is well, just what I need. And not only do I know it, but God knows it because He allows it. He has a purpose for this regardless of my understanding it. So I have a choice, e…
Another Monday, it's upon me whether I'm ready for it or not. I gotta do this, I have responsibilities, and God how I'd much rather stay in bed and sleep because it is freaking bitterly cold outside and my bed is really soft and warm but I get it. You're right. I can do this, I need to this, and somehow You give me the strength I need to face it and make the best of it. Thanks God. But if I'm being honest here, I'm just not up for it. Routine Monday morning, got Chloe to daycare and myself settled in at work. Or so I thought. I am not settling in. In fact, I have this almost tangible feeling of well, simply feeling unsettled today. Why is that? I immediately went to the Father in prayer asking His presence to fill my life, the lives of others today who are in need of simply knowing He is there, and to trust Him fully, and then He gave it to me.....Psalm 46.

Be still and know that I am God. Just be still, be calm.

It hasn't sunk in yet, so perhap…