What's next?

I don't know anyone who enjoys waiting, it is not fun for me at all. I have had people tell me I have a very patient nature, I don't anger easily and it amuses me when I hear that because I know it isn't me, it is God's strength in me to be that way. I can get upset, angry just like any other person, but I diffuse it in a number of ways so as not to explode on anyone who may come across my path at just the right moment. Believe me, I have had my moments of complete panic, emotional meltdown. Ryan could tell you first hand, he has witnessed my worst moments and unfortunately he has had to absorb the shock of it too many times. Thankfully he loves me anyway, in spite of my moments of weakness. Thankfully, I can come back to him and say, "I'm sorry, I was weak and hurting, and you didn't deserve that. Please forgive me!" You know, God is the same way. He knows our weakness, and He wants to hear what we are experiencing; our joys, our sorrows, our frustrations, our anger, our heartache, our accomplishments. He wants to hear it all, and He wants to carry us through the worst of times when we don't think we can take another step. I have had some moments like that this week. Just sheer panic, not doubting really but wondering, "Okay, Lord, what is next? How are you going to move us?" We are taking some early steps now toward a move. We are in the process of securing jobs, we are getting ready to do a big yard sale, we are doing all we can with what we have to trust God with all of the details. We have a renewed sense of hope and determination, and we are ready for a fresh start, a new beginning. There is more to the waiting than just waiting. God has called us to be active in our faith walk, and that means making every effort to explore any open door he places in our pathway. We have been doing that for just over a month now, and we are seeing some doors open. We hope you will join us in the next two weeks in praying that God provides confirmation of jobs for both of us, that God will miraculously provide for us financially specifically for the cost of a moving truck and security deposit on a home, and that we continue to be faithful and trust Him with all that we have. We have seen and known His amazing provision before and we know He will do it again. We ask that you also pray for us to continue to be steady and consistent in our time with God. Ryan and I have both had some amazing time in solitude and meditation with God, worship at home as a family, time that we would not have had before. We are so thankful for this precious time and we know it is necessary for strengthening our relationship with God. We can't tell you, our precious friends and family, how much your prayers, encouragement, loving support have made a difference in our walk this past year or so. Words just don't adequately convey our deep thanks and love for each of you. There are moments, especially in the darkest times, when we are hanging on by our fingertips that the peace that only God can give suddenly comes in and we know...someone has been praying and God is so good! Thank you for standing beside us, walking with us through these days. Amazing scripture for me today that I just have to share in closing: Romans 15:5-6 ".....God wants the combination of his steady, constant calling and warm, personal counsel in Scripture to come to characterize us, keeping us alert for whatever he will do next." (The Message)
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