The world behind me, the Cross before me

I am ready to go, just a few things to throw in the suitcase in the morning and Barbados here I come! God is so good, and His provisions is amazing. I never cease to be amazed by His abundant provision for me. I am so thankful, so humbled by the outpouring of prayer and financial support that has enabled me to go on this mission trip. As I have gotten closer to the trip, watching the weeks pass from the calendar, I am antsy. It is what I'd like to call 'spiritual antsy' cause I have this buzzing inside me, a feeling like I can't sit still and just need to go! God has given me the opportunity to go and serve, share the love of Jesus with the people of Barbados. I am so honored, humbled and inspired to be His servant. For two weeks, I will leave behind me the world as I know it, my comfort zone and open myself up to be used completely and filled to overflowing by God. Matthew 28 is our motto, our reason for being on this earth in these turbulent times. God desires for all people to come to know Him, to walk with Him and to worship Him. I have a responsibility as a Christ follower to tell of His love, to be an example of Jesus for those who need Him so desperately. I can't wait to see what God is going to do the next two weeks.
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