Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I am about to go to my mission trip meeting/training. I am looking forward to it, and I have been praying daily that God continues to prepare my heart for this trip. I know He has something precious to teach me, not sure what yet. The past week or so I have been through a miriad of emotions. When I realized I was pregnant, I questioned going on the trip then I began to come up with all these scenarios of how to handle it all and not tell anyone until after the trip. I kept thinking I don't want anyone to worry, to be put in a position to make exceptions for me. As the possibilities whirled in my mind, the weekend arrived and it all changed. Since the miscarriage, I don't think I have gained any new perspective but I continue to return to the theme of joy and thanksgiving. I know it can only come from the Father, because it is not in my human capacity to grasp that right now. This morning I was reminded as I looked at the familiar scripture in Isaiah, He will raise us up and we will soar with wings like eagles. I know that even in the darkest moments, my God will lift me up and I don't have to go it alone, I don't have to put on a brave face, I can get through this and be strengthened by it. I know He'll carry me, especially when I cannot take a single step on my own. Somehow He takes care of me, He is always there and that helps me see this day as beautiful and full of hope.
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