How's your heart?

How's your heart? You know, the condition of your inner being? Are you daily absorbing the Word of God, pouring your hurts and joys out to the Father and listening to Him speak to you? Or, have you become numb, uninterested, desensitized? Sin can do that, or what we would label "the current condition of our society". So many of us have excuses, and typically it is our schedules, our commitments to all these things and it is just what we feel we need to be doing whether out of obligation or because "nobody else will do it, so I might as well". This is another one of the lies being fed to us by that stinkin' guy down under. Satan has his ways, I'll give him that but----I will daily refuse to allow him to influence my life. I think most of us in our comfy Christian lives develop this mentality that we must do all these things to be in right standing with society and with God. With society, because we feel the need to keep up with everyone around us, prove that we can do all these things cause it makes us look responsible, like we can do anything and we are to be admired. With God, because we think somehow if we are in all these classes, doing all these events, mission trips, programs, committees that it will look good to our church family, and especially when we stand before God one day. All these things are lies being fed to us from any number of sources but they all funnel to one--that stinkin' guy down under. Blame it on our churches, blame it on our friends, blame it on our families, blame it on anyone or anything you can come up with but ultimately we all have free will and we choose what to do with our time--nobody can make us do anything. I have tried to balance this for years, this need to do so much more than I should be doing. I found years ago it stemmed from this feeling of obligation to help when nobody else would do it. At some point after having my second child I had an epiphany--well, it was probably a mid life crisis/depression of sorts, but ultimately God spoke to me about finding peace and balance in my life. I learned to say no and not feel guilty about it even though there were some good Christian people around me questioning why. We should never feel the need to defend ourselves, because it is between us and God. My decision to maintain balance in my life while serving the Lord is my decision alone. I am thankful for that peace that passes all understanding, regardless of the reaction of those around me. Often when we are right in the palm of His hand is when we will face the greatest ridicule. God is all I need, and so in those moments I run to Him and cling to Him for the extra strength I need. So, how's your heart? Are you completely surrendered to His will for your life, choosing balance over busy? I am certain there will be moments I return to this in my life, a need to check my heart and my focus once again. I am so thankful that God never changes, and He is always there to provide the peace and focus that I need.
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