I realize by now I should be a 'seasoned' blogger but really I am lucky to get to it once a week. My schedule, my life is one big crazy thing right now. We have so much going on between work, church, school, sports and extracurricular stuff. I am enjoying my Bible study group so much, and the study has been so great for my walk with Christ. We are studying Paul and his life, his ministry. It is amazing to read again about how he endured, all he gave up and all he accomplished for the Kingdom. I hope someday my kids will say some good things about my influence, not that I was just a nagging mom who was always on them about doing this or that. I am seeing some evidence of that as my two older children have come to know Christ personally. My daughter Rylee is going to be baptized this week, thank you Lord! She has considered this decision very carefully for awhile now, I have seen in her the struggle. As we have prayed for her, I know the Holy Spirit has been working on her for a long time. Someday AJ will come to that same point in his life, and we will keep praying for that as he grows and learns. I am so thankful for how the Lord works in his own time, on His own perfect time table. I am very tired today, we had so much fun last weekend with the Popcorn Festival and good worship at church. I can't believe it's October already! Time flies by even faster when you have a full schedule. I love the fall, the cool, crisp mornings and the weather changing, leaves changing. It is cool to see God's creation move with the seasons. God is good, all the time, in all things and through all things. What an awesome God we serve.
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