I am still not used to the time change here. We are now Eastern time instead of Central time, so it gets dark earlier and it is dark much later in the morning. Winter is more harsh in Indiana than anywhere we have lived. It isn't much different from Missouri or Tennessee, but it is much colder, and being in a small town the pace is that much slower. Saturdays are meant for being lazy, sleeping late and enjoying time with the family. My job makes that challenging since I have to work on the weekends. I would much rather be home enjoying time with my family. I wonder how many other people share my "pain"? Don't get me wrong, it is a good job and I like it but it is by no means a "dream" job. Perhaps once again God is prompting me to consider what else I could be doing with my life professionally to find a greater sense of fulfillment. I have considered going back to school, but the timing would not be right for that now. I know God hears my heart, and I know I need to pray and research what more I could be doing with my life. I have never been the type that would be content to do the same thing for twenty or thirty years of my life. I guess I haven't found that yet. But I don't ever want to be content. It is the same way with God. He doesn't want us to be content in our walk with him, in how we approach this life and live in this world. We shouldn't blend in, we should stick out. We need to be discontent, uncomfortable, seeking without ceasing what more we could be doing to grow and thrive as Christ followers. In my quiet time today I was reminded once again that God hears me, and He will answer me. Psalm 6 is a promise that He will protect, restore, provide and care for me. I am thankful for that and I know it is enough to know He has a plan. In His time and when the timing is right, He will reveal it to me. I will continue to seek, study, pray and commune with the Lord to know where my path will lead.

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