I don't know why...but God does!

Do you think God shakes His head in wonder as He watches our lives unfold? It is something I have been thinking about today. I know it must have been unbearable for Him to watch His only Son die on the cross. Do you think His heart breaks for a situation that is not anything close to that? I do. I believe, regardless of the depth of our hurt, our disappointment, our pain and struggle on this earth, God experiences it with us. So, why, we all ask this in the midst of our struggle, Why don't you stop it God? Why don't you swoop in and save the day? Why does it have to go on, seemingly far too long? I have tried to look at it from a bigger perspective than my own, tried to see it somehow closer to how God does. I can't. I suppose that is where faith, hope comes in. When my own strength, wisdom, understanding fails, I can only lean on Christ.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!
Who Was, and Is, and Is To Come!
With all creation I sing praise to the King of Kings!
You are my Everything and I will adore You! (Revelation Song)

This morning, we didn't do this song in worship but it has been resonating in my heart and soul for a couple of days now. As I fell into His arms this morning in worship I just let it all go and released so much of my broken heart to Him. I don't get it Lord. I don't understand You, Your ways, Your reason for any of this....but, You still desire and deserve my praise. You haven't gone anywhere even though it feels to me like You have. When I am wrapped in the truths of the Word, the comforting music of powerful worship, the prayers of so many, I know You are there.

Your ways are not our ways. We need You Lord, we may not understand You, but we need You.
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