Mother's Day 2014

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

It is difficult but not impossible to remember what life was like before I had children. Becoming a mother encompasses so much of me, and it is such a large part of who I am. It is not what defines me but it is what drives me so much of the time. I suppose when my children are grown and have lives of their own, that may change. I believe my confidence in being a mother is in large part due to my love and experiences caring for children starting with those first opportunities as a teenager babysitting. I am blessed by the gift of being a mother to four amazing children in my time on this earth. I hope and pray my children take this with them through life, so here is what’s on my heart for each of you this Mother’s Day, 2014:

1. God is for you, and when everyone and everything else is against you—Stand firmly and confidently in knowing He is beside you, He will protect you and He will provide for you.

2. Live life wisely and joyfully—Don’t waste a moment consumed with anything negative. Focus on God’s best for you and refuse to be bound by anything less than Him! Make wise choices with your time, your money, your heart. You will be bombarded and tempted by so many things in this life so please choose to filter it all through God! He will guide you! Thank God every day for simply giving you life, and live it joyfully because we are not guaranteed tomorrow!

3. When you make a mistake, learn from it and move on!—You are going to trip and fall many times in life, but what matters more than the mistake you made is your ability to learn from it, stand up and walk on. You will be stronger and better because of it!

4. You are loved by your family and friends but make no mistake-we are flawed, we are weak and unfortunately sometimes the people you trust most will let you down.-- First, read #1 again. Second, Forgive! God has done this for you, so should you do this for others.

5. Dream big and don’t be afraid to go for whatever your heart desires!--There will be voices speaking advice to you of what is practical, what is predictable, what is presumably best for you to be successful in life. Listen to your heart, ask God to guide your decisions and do what you know is best for you! I will be your biggest cheerleader as you set out to make a life for yourself one day. I will be proud and supportive every step of the way, no matter what!

Rylee Ashton, Bailey Thomas, Avery James and Chloe Grace, know you have a mother who loves you and prays for you without ceasing. I don’t know what God has planned for you, but I know He will make it so regardless of my ability to see it, understand it or agree with it. I love you and I believe in you! You have made me a very happy Mama on this Mother’s Day!

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