Grace that is greater....

I am reminded daily, sometime multiple moments in one day, of just how deep, how far God's grace reaches to cover us. It is through the words of my Christ-sister who says she admires me for how I have stood by Ryan through this, it is in the face of my child when I tell him we can't afford to do that and he says, "It's okay, Mom" and doesn't respond with a pity party or a temper tantrum, it is in the reaction of my Christ-brother when he asks how we are doing/what we need and then offers what he can to help us pay rent, it is in the unending notes and letters and emails and phone calls of so many dear family and friends who have reached out to us at precisely the moment we needed it most. I cannot say it enough: Because of God's grace and because of you, every single one of you---we can go on. We can move forward. It may be baby steps, inch by inch, but we can do it. At the time of this blog entry, we are still living with a great deal of uncertainty but God is providing. Ryan is working, and he has a position lined up with a local company to begin in two weeks with a much better pay rate than anything he's had to date. Thank you Lord! Today he has an appointment to explore a bit more deeply what is involved in one worship opportunity in Missouri, and this coming weekend he will travel to assist leading worship with his brother in Phoenix, Arizona. While there, he has another appointment to explore a worship opportunity in Arizona. In addition to all of this we have been exploring job opportunities for both of us in Missouri. Nobody is moving anywhere yet, but like most people who are dealing with unemployment or underemployment in this economy, one of the first places we are likley to consider starting over is near family. Regardless of all of these and many more opportunities that may come our way, God knows best! His plan and purpose for our lives is far greater, even more amazing that anything we could possibly have in our minds. I am so thankful, no matter how I may rationalize or understand any of this stuff we are going through, that God understands and has it all under control. In my weakest, angriest, most frustrating moments when I just think I can't take another moment....He says to let it go. He says I can rest in Him. He knows my heart, He knows my need, He knows me....and in spite of myself, He loves me. You know it is only at the point I am my weakest, that I can truly embrace and understand an inkling of His grace. I don't deserve it, I can't possibly earn it, but He gives it to me anyway. We can only continue to walk through this because of it. His blessings on us in these days, the prayer support, the gifts of food, help with the kids school supplies, clothing, help with rent and groceries, notes of encouragement, motivating phone calls, or just being available to listen to us scream and cry.....we take it willingly with the determination to do the same for others who face the same struggles one day. We know God will receive the glory not only for what you are doing for us, but because it has inspired us to do the same for someone else one day.
Joel 2:13 Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.
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