Okay, Lord, I know you are tired of hearing this from me but man....I am tired of waiting! I could really use this now, so what is the issue? I'm ready. Go ahead, you can give it to me now.

Anybody else relate to this conversation? I find myself doing it more often than I care to admit and it seems to be getting worse as I get a bit older. My father is a strong, firm and outspoken man but he does not lose his cool very often. He is one of the most patient persons I have ever known. There have been those occasions over the years when he has had his limit and unfortunately, I and a few others have had the rather unpleasant experience of being in the path of his temper. I was on the direct receiving end of it as a college student at one point in my life, and I would rather not re-live that scene again. He was apologetic shortly afterward, chose to be transparent with me and admit his weakness and his temper getting the better of him. It was not pretty, but it was a learning experience for us both. I was able to see my Dad's humanity and we were able to resolve it with love and forgiveness. All too often we can get impatient, angry, temper gets the better of us and before we know it we are on our knees realizing that we have been so selfish, not seeing the bigger picture. What's the bigger picture? It tends to put everything in perspective honestly. How to weigh what you really need, and what you can live without? Do you really need that to happen right now? Are your needs being met? Waht do you have to be thankful for right at this very moment? Are you fully trusting God, fully obedient to Him in that moment of your request to him? That is what it comes down to, isn't it? Are you trusting and obeying him every day of your life? Are you thanking him for His Son Jesus Christ every day of your life? Are you thanking him for what He has already provided, the blessings in your life? Count your blessings, and count yourself blessed to have a God in heaven looking out for your best interests, rather than dwelling on what you don't have. It will put it all in perspective. I guarantee it.
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