Great Expectation

There are many things I can think of in my life for which I have had great expectation. I remember as a child 2 things I looked forward to with great expectation: Christmas and Summer Vacation. That pretty much held until well into my high school years, possibly college years. As a college student/young single adult, I can remember thinking, "Lord just get me through this so I can graduate and get on with my life!" And of course, "Lord, when are you going to bring a good man in to my life?" and, "Why did he turn out to be such a disappointment/heart breaker/jerk/...___fill in the blank!" Then when it did happen, when I had those moments of sheer joy, of seeing God reveal His plan and His presence in my life, Wow! I can't imagine doing it over any other way! Meeting Ryan, Oh my Gosh! God is so amazing and so good! Our wedding was a dream come true, and diving right into life with every single moment of its ups and downs, who could have planned it the way it came about? Nobody but God. Our children...well, the Lord has His ways of really keeping us guessing. It was so different with each one of them, pregnancy, birth, their lives so far. It is truly a wonder how each one of them has turned out and how uniquely God has made each one of them. As I have gotten a little older, I know more and more that God is not done with me yet and I have so much to learn. It is sad I think, how lazy we become as we get older. We become comfortable with our lives, think somehow it can't get any better or worse, but things seem to be going okay. We lose our sense of great expectation, wonderment, awe, and passion. I can think of moments along the way the past couple years when God has practically whacked me upside my head as if to say, "Wake up! You're gonna miss it!" What happens when we lose the need to sit on the edge of our seat, expecting that God is about to do something so amazing and how can we sit still waiting for it to happen?! I don't want to lose that and I think as we get older we are in danger of that and it is even worse when we start passing it along to our children. There is something to be said about a life lived with Great Expectation. God wants that for us, I want that for me and my family, so what are you waiting for? There's a lot of life to be lived, no matter how old you are and what your life situation is today. Give Him a chance, God will knock your socks off. I guarantee it.
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