It's not about me, as much as it is my nature to prefer it that way

I have had a couple of weeks of incredible stress at work and just plain exhausted from it all. Thankfully we took a family weekend trip after stressful week 1, and this weekend we are celebrating my son Bailey's birthday! I can't believe he is nine. Where has the time gone? Sometimes the pace of our lives knocks me off my feet long enough to realize maybe I've got too much going on. I struggle with it constantly, and how appropriate that a study my women's group is doing happens to address this issue. I am challenged daily by the pressures of my job, and then keeping up with everything at home, as well as contributing to my church family. I recall my mom warning me at a young age how important it is to prioritize. It would be years later before she could finally admit to me she did too much, that she wished she had said no to a few things and made more time for me and my brother, and even for her grandchildren. This was a powerful moment in my life because my Mom showed me her own weakness to the pressures of life. We are all faced with this pressure and most of us choose to fill our schedules to the breaking point, not realizing how it could effect our lives and those in it years later. I don't want to look back on my life and feel regret for not finding the balance I need for my God and for my family. I have already experienced it once in my life, and discovered my body, my mind and my heart could not take the stress it induced. God desires for me to have a servant's heart, a heart that seeks after Him first and desires to love others first. As much as I would love to take hold of the reins in my life and ride into my own idea of the perfect sunset, God has the better way. I may experience some things along the way that are unpleasant and downright painful, but it is for my good, it is according to His purpose and He will not let me fall. I depend upon Him daily, I don't know how I would get through a moment of this life without knowing God has it all in His control. It helps me have peace, it helps me relax and so I commit daily to humble myself before Him and be obedient---even if I don't feel like it. God is good, all the time and no matter what the road ahead has for me I know He is and should be the One holding the reins.
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