Disappointed, but not surprised....God is still God

The last few days are a little blurred, and it is no wonder! So much has happened in the world around me it is enough to make me go out and buy a copy of every major newspaper just to get caught up. Life keeps rolling forward. I don't take bad changes well, but a good change is alright. That can be interpreted only by what I define as good or bad changes, cause we all have our own definition of what we think is a good or bad change right? What is wrong or right--John and Kate plus 8 stars, the Gosselin's divorcing and yet the show is still on the air. Oh, but they are taking a hiatus while they settle in to this newest change in their lives. What a cop out on so many levels. I would think a mature human being who truly cares what is best for their children would see that a crumbling marriage is the best reason to turn the cameras off! How is it benefiting the children now anyway? All it says to me is their focus is on one thing only---the fame and the money. There are eight children in that family who will suffer the consequences of their parents' behavior right now for years to come. Whatever happened to stepping back, downsizing, finding a regular job and working your tail off to live like the rest of us? Yes, it would be hard but it would probably be the best lesson and example for your children in the long run. I am so disappointed but not surprised by people anymore. Christian or not, we are really stupid. All it takes is one slip up, and the waters are divided, sides are taken, friendships die, feelings are hurt, and ultimately someone is left alone and suffering without any support whatsoever. I am sure that is how John and Kate are feeling, and I have had several friends over the years experience this when crisis has occurred in their lives. Whatever happened to loving one another unconditionally? What role are we playing as Christian brothers and sisters, and what the heck is the church doing? Hate the sin, love the sinner---do we really believe that or do we just like the sound of it? God loves them all, every single one regardless of how we feel. But what if they don't know it cause what we are showing them sends the opposite message? What a poor example we are, and how sad it must make our God to see us behaving this way. Seeing crisis play out on tv, and in the lives of dear friends makes me stop and think first and foremost---what could I be doing differently to show that person they are loved? I know I could be doing more, and I am sure you could too. So what's it going to be? Shall we remain caught up in the same excuses as the world around us, or will we be set apart, rise above it, embrace the truths of Scripture and love others unconditionally as Christ did? I choose to be set apart. I know God loves me and I know He loves those around me who are struggling, so I will do my part to contribute to the minority. Maybe some day that minority will become the majority. We've got a long way to go.
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