Today is a new day...

Chicken Little says it on the movie, and it just popped in my head as I am reflecting on the past 24 hours. I watched the election coverage last night, and stayed up to see McCain's speech and Obama's speech as well. I admire both candidates, because they are both very good men. I am thankful that Obama won, and voted for him. Many of my family and friends supported McCain, which I respect. There are reasons to support either candidate, but I chose Obama because I believe in his ideas for change and I didn't see enough evidence in McCain's ideas that prove he could pull it off. Regardless of who everyone votes for, we are all going to agree to disagree on something and ultimately we cannot agree on everything. Our new President is just as human as the rest of us, and whether we agree with him or not God and the Scriptures calls us to support our leaders. I am more committed than ever to pray for, support, and let my voice be heard by our country's leadership. Without making our views known on every issue, we cannot expect change to occur. Change is not an idea that belongs absolutely to one political party or another, just as Truth does not belong absolutely to one political party or another. We have a responsibility to our God, our nation and to ourselves to support ideas that are truthful and beneficial to us all. So, today is a new day! I will put one foot in front of the other with hope, faith and confidence knowing God has a plan and what unfolds will be exactly what He intended.
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