My week is nearly over thanks to flex schedule. I will miss having an extra day off, but I won't miss the longer days. I am looking forward to getting back to the traditional schedule next week. I can't believe July is almost gone...where did it go? Where did the summer go? It is just too short, too quick. Summer was so much longer when I was a kid. It has been fun, but school is approaching already. So much to do, and the daily schedule is about to become even more hectic than it already is. Rylee starts middle school, Bailey will be second grade and AJ is the big 3. I read about Paul last night in my quiet time, and specifically when he spoke in a town where he could only stay the night then head off the next day. He spoke for hours, til late at night and it apparently wore a guy fact, he fell asleep and fell out a window! God gave Paul the ability to heal him and bring him back to life, what a miracle. It is cool to read about what God did through Paul. What an amazing life, the transformation he went through to be used by God. I am sure in his day to day life, as he went from one place to another he was not overwhelmed by a crazy hectic schedule like I am?! I guess it comes down to realizing that it is not our agenda we need to be living by, it is God's. I was reminded last week while visiting my family, by my Mom, that it is so important to slow down and appreciate the time we have right now. I don't want to get in a place where I feel the need to have my hands in every pot that is out there--the sports pot, the various ministry pots, committee pots, etc. There is a pot out there for everything and a lot of us tend to guilt one another into feeling like we need to be doing so much more than we already are. Balance is key, so let's find it. There's no telling what we could miss.
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