July has arrived, and although we are in the middle of summer school seems to be just around the corner for the kids. August 11 is Rylee's first day, they call it "Step Up" Day Camp. It is what the middle school does to give the kids a run through of what their day will be like. We'll get her locker, her pe uniform, schedule, supplies, etc. and she will be set to go first day, August 13. It just ain't right for school to start so early and summer to end so quickly. Today's a kind of blah day for me, headache and asthma troubles. Weather has a lot to do with it I'm afraid. We've got storms coming in, rainy couple days lately. I have gotten back on the "better lifestyle" wagon yet again. I am such a yo-yo. Deep down I really hate eating right and exercising and would love to be able to do what I want and eat what I want. Don't we all?! Well, reality is hitting me in the waistline and I don't like it when my clothes start feeling snug and I feel like a slug. Bottom line, I need to shape up so I'll be healthier and so I'll be around a lot longer. I was reminded in my quiet time last night that God has provided abundantly for us, and He desires for us to fill our bodies and our souls to be the vessel He needs us to be. I can't be the vessel He needs me to be if I am not at my best physically and spiritually. I am prayerfully considering facilitating a women's study this fall at my house. I just haven't decided which one to do. I need to do an informal poll to see who would commit first. Lunch time is ending, duty calls so it's back to the grind for me.
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